Students of Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar organise free street store, huge hit among poor people

Posted by
Saswat Mishra
on November 6, 2016

It was a cool Sunday morning near the Xavier square Bhubaneswar where the roads remain empty at this time of the day. But today morning it was an unusual sight in front of the XIMB campus Bhubaneswar. There were long queues of people excited to get some cool stuffs from the street store which was completely free of cost. "Initiatives such as these are a boon to the homeless and needy citizens like us" said a slum dweller, who had come to collect some winter garments for his family.

The Xavier Institute of management Bhubaneswar is situated near Xavier square Bhubaneswar which is very close to one of the biggest slums of Bhubaneswar, the Salia Sahi. The students of the college feel that it is their responsibility to uplift this economically backward section of the society. The social responsibility cell (SRC) of XIMB organises such events for the betterment of slum dwellers.

The free street store is one such initiative by the social responsibility cell (SRC) of XIMB where the poor and needy can collect anything from shoes to winter garments completely free of cost. All these garments and other stuffs are donated by the students of the college in a collection drive called as the Joy of giving week. The children of the area were also elated to find a wide collection of books in the store.“It gives us immense satisfaction and pride on having conducted an event of such a stature to improve the lives of people who are not as fortunate as us” said Neeraj Mann, the coordinator of the social responsibility cell of XIMB.

The concept of free street store was founded by South African citizens Max Pazak and Kayli Levitan. This concept was made open source by them, when they realised the need to spread this to help the millions of homeless and needy citizens across the globe.