Asansol: The place where we all grew up!

Posted by
Anuran Mukherjee & Debarun Paul
on May 28, 2017

Asansol-though being the second largest city of West Bengal it still remains oblivious to many. Some confuse it with Assam and for some who are aware assume it to be a place replete with dons and mafias(chuckles). Well overlooking what is superficial the city dwellers over the years have soothed themselves no matter what the geography or history persists. Delving in, here are few spots that have invariably but notably influenced our upbringing.

1.Bobby's Snack

A small wonder located in TP Market. Chicken rolls, chicken pakodas, etc is a must to have thing every time you cross the lane.


The most sought after place to gorge on non vegetarian fast foods. Located in Hill View, it serves one of the best Moglai Parathas and Chinese delicacies.


The name is asynchronous to the best and most famous local confectioneries of Asansol. Cakes, pastries, patties is what lingers on our mind the very moment we pass by the Minar's store.

4.The Big 4

The four most premiere and sought after institutes of Asansol : St. Patrick's, Loreto Convent, St.Vincent's and AG Church Asansol. Rich in heritage, class apart school premises and a sure shot show of huge competition when it comes to admission.

5.Jadu Kadai & Sudhamrit

Family occasions or relatives visiting your place. Where to take them out for dinner? Well the first two places that will strike your mind is that of Jadu Kadai and Sudhamrit.


The shop itself is the pocket College Street of Asansol. Strange enough! We end up buying all the books from this particular store starting right from class KG to class 12 and even after.

7.Kamal Dhaba

Located just at the outskirts of Asansol, a favourite hang out place to have the best dhaba style food. Cheap, lip-smacking and an adjacent bar to add up to the ambience.

8.Royal Biriyani

Lazeez beat that! No you can't. The sentiment of every Asansol-ite still beats for Royal Biryani.

9.Apcar Garden Durga Pujo

The Maddox Square of Asansol! Apcar Garden for 5 glorious days becomes Asansol's trendy fashionable hotspot. A place to see and be seen in intermittently!

10.Rabindra Bhavan

The cultural centre of Asansol. Starting from film festivals, Nachiketa shows, Rabindra Jayanti, Art and Craft exhibitions, the auditorium right beside BNR More has place for all.


The list of amazing street food is incomplete without mentioning Udichi in Police Line More. A small joint with few tables lined for customers which is a specialist in South Indian dishes and worth mentioning the Falooda Kulfi.

12.Mohan and BN Ghanty

The one and only destination for the ladies in the house. Durga Puja, wedding seasons, you can name any. Never seen our moms hop to some other stores rather than these two.

13.Asansol Market

Asansol's version of Burrabazar marked for it's variety and authenticity scattered significantly along with narrow maze like lanes and wholesale shops, which was, is and will be a primary alternative to all the shopping malls in the vicinity.

14.Polo ground

Please don't go by the name else we will have to flip the pages of history. Well less of a stadium and more of a destination where people from diverse ages turn up every day to keep themselves fit. Moreover a decorated venue on the 26th of Jan celebrating the Republic Day.