9 things you will encounter in WBUT exam hall

Posted by
Sreyoshi Ghosh
on November 7, 2015

1.'Kichu parbo na'

Almost every wbut student utters the same dialogue before entering the exam hall..some genuinely mean it whereas others do it maybe to comfort their friends with a lie ,not sure about it!

2.'MCQ ta just ar kichu chai na '

WBUT students make sure they get full 10 marks in mcq section by hook or by crook! These mcq questions play a vital role for students who have to take the matter of supple into consideration!

3.'Ko pata likhli?'

Mostly heard after Humanities and Environmental science exams.WBUT students have their own set of beliefs that marks in these papers is proportional to the number of pages filled! Well the truth remains a mystery.

4.'Washroom e paoa jabe?'

THE ORGANISER what else..the saviour for all WBUT ians is often found at washrooms and at very weird places!

5.Common Question

Difficulty of any question paper is judged on the fact of how many questions came from organiser. And unfortunately enough WBUT does betray us sometimes leaving us to wonder like traumatic souls during exams! But it's only under such circumstances that you solemnly swear to rely on text books more than organiser from next sem( just to forget it after few weeks)

6.Wrong questions and repeat questions

Fortunately enough WBUT blesses its students with a number of wrong questions in almost every paper. Also there is a high probability that you might come across the same question twice or even thrice in the paper!

7.Every mark counts

Surprisingly enough everyone forgets their past bitter encounters and comes close at the exam hall! Crisis maybe in the form of mcq, or any formula, or short questions unites us!

8.Bathroom same time

You set your watch timings with your friends before entering the hall and it's dot 12 when you all will be heading towards the bathroom from different rooms!And hence the bathroom makes the gateway for numerous answers discussions!!

9.Seating arrangment

The first day would be the strictest,still you will be able to collect the MCQ's easily.The desks and rows will merge closer from the very next paper! More relaxations are given if you are in final year!