9 Things you can relate to if you did your ILP from TCS Ahmedabad

Posted by
Priya Yadav
on January 23, 2016

1.Gandhinagar Itself

Clean green perfectly designed sectors. All looked same and they were no less than labyrinths.

2.Madhuram Green and Studio Apartment

Our accommodation. If on the first day, you are coming alone then, be sure you can?t convince the staff to give you a room to share with your friend who will be joining later. But that?s the fun part. You will get roommates to be in touch for life.

3.Weekend Trips

How can we let go Saturday and Sundays without a trip when there is no assignments or test on Monday. Visit to amazing places like Diu, Gir Forest, Mt. Abu, Somnath, Jodhpur with the whole ILP batch makes the experience merrier. Just plan, pack up and get on a booked traveler on Friday night.

4.Business Skills Session

Ahhh! At first, we hate it because we need to perform stuffs in front of people we just met. But eventually Biz skill is the one which brings everybody closer. Just after a day or two, Biz Skill faculty enters the class holding a camera in hands, leaving us amused, what?s that?s now. Now we know, what was that

5.Diagnostics & Remedial

Weekly assignments, diagnostics, remedial, viva made ILP a learning experience. Group presentation had its own flavor. Remedial was scary but made us believe in ?Hum hoge kaamyab ek din' with all the remedial packages and countless viva we gave to clear it.

6.CS and Non CS Guys

The most famous terminologies heard in ILP are CS Guys and Non CS guys. We, non CS guys were stakeholders of remedial and CS guys helped us clear those.

7.Veg Vs Non Veg Food

You won?t get non veg in Gujarat. Who said that? That person did not know the way to places like Sardar, Dawat, Subway and many others. There was an overcrowded non veg section in Garima Park canteen too. Sharing homely veg Rajasthani thalis in number of eateries (I remember one: Matarani) in Supermall made the everyday dinner special.

8.Gujarat: A dry state

Yes, Everyone will have a few naive friends who got a bag full of body lotions (I had one :D) Jokes apart, guys from Madhuram Greens can answer this better.

9.Few Rules we still Cherish

Girls: No leggings!! Every girl had a plain black and white patiala to go with every kurta. Boys: Wednesday, the Tie day, every day clean shave day. Some were sent during the session to shave and come back.