9 things you can relate to if you are from IEM Kolkata

Posted by
BB Staff Writer
on January 17, 2016

1.Jail breaking - epic escapades

Ahh those times! Our college, unfortunately, is a jail, whose gates shuts down at 9 am, and after the last period it opens at 4pm. Naturally, people feel suffocated, and hatch escape plans! Epic standoff : Guards of IEM vs bunking students. Gate closed? No issues! We are habitutated to jump over the wall, fling our bags over it and walk away non chalantly, make a mad dash towards the gate before the guard can respond, distract the guard and help class mates to slip out, etc. We took it as a challenge, and enjoyed a lot!


Our one and only relax zone, the canteen! Endless adda & chitchats, group discussions, fest plannings, young love.. all over 'chay'

3.Resolution (behind gate)

Super point of ridicule for any IEM'ian. Who can forget the blue gate with inscriptions on it back, apparently chalking out an unbelievable, impossible resolution : 'By 2016, IEM will pass the ranks of IIT, JU and top colleges'. Interestingly, every year someone dutifully pushes back the deadline by 2 years!

4.College More (Sector V)

The environment of IEM! Endless choice of food stalls, wide range of cuisines, local as well as global brands. Sector V is a foodie's heaven, and we were lucky in that respect!

5.Gate bandh

9 am. Mad rush of students towards the gate. Slow motion : guard closing the door, and we are reaching out to get in. That rush of adrenaline every morning is what kept us healthy (and frustrated). 9.01 am, gate closed. We stand outside pleading the guard to let us in, but he wont even budge! Whatever, lets catch a movie

6.Mass bunk

Plan, inform all, execute! Whole class takes a day off, much to the annoyance of our H.O.D! Class Head gets endless threats, but who listens anyway?


Unofficial college bus for all South Kolkata residents. 4pm, no average person can get it, coz its full with IEM students! Awesome adda for the next one and a half hour of the journey!


Maybe the only day when people get to party like animals, literally. Starts after the college gets over, after a few introductory speeches our teachers also goes home, band starts to play, chairs removed from the floor and helluva dance starts! Most enjoyable day in IEM for many

9.Tech Fest

Months of planning, preparation, design, campaigns, getting sponsors (yeah the management didn't pay us much) all culminates to 2 days of superb fun! And it got bigger and better every passing year.