9 things you can relate to being from KIIT

Posted by
Spriha Bakshi
on September 17, 2015

1.You from KIIT..really?

Even though the two of you are the same year pass out from the university, there is a high probability that you have never seen each other.

2.We the Lobable Kiitians

No matter what the occasion is 'My Lobable Kiitians' are the first three words that you are going to hear in the opening speech.

3.Hamara Atmaram

Almost every KIITIAN has had the famous 'Atmaraam Coffee' once during his stay in the university.If you dont know what Atmaraam is you are not a true Kiitian.

4.'The' KIIT anthem.

The KIIT anthem that is played on the day of your orientation could never be sung again in public.

5.Coz love is in the air

There is quite a view in front of the Central Library between 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM.


Except for the local crowd, 'BHAINA' is probably the first oriya word that you learn after joining the college.

7.So what are we having for lunch today?

We are grateful to all the food outlets for saving us from the Mess ka khana. From Misky,Subway, Dominos, CCD, Pizza Hut, Lal Quila to all the Rolls and Momos stand in the campus. You name it and we have it.

8.Why you no open it?

No matter what happens in the campus, Gate No-2 will always remain closed for reasons unknown.

9.#Rule 8.23 in the Students handbook

The weirdest rule in the 'Rule Book' says a fine for 5000 Rs for having an epic birthday celebration. We all have that level of SWAG among us, if we are a part of KIIT University.