9 things why Diwali is so important for an IT guy

Posted by
BB Staff Writer
on November 10. 2015

1.Yes, Meet your Boss for leaves

You start planning your vacations prior to 6 months and your fingers are crossed until you get the leaves from your manager. There will be many negotiations with your manager whether you can cut your vacations by a day of two and reason being as 'Deliverables should be on time'. And later you realize it was your own leaves then why do you even need to explain it to them. Well let's keep that topic for some upcoming articles!

2.Cost vs Comfort

After all the hassles about your leaves getting approved the next problem you need to face is how to go back home. It?s Diwali time and flight rates are on the higher side, some thinks once, some checks budget sits for a train ticket in Tatkal 4 months prior to your visit. If u make it in tatkal you are blessed.The other options are agents where you will pay twice the amount of the ticket,or you probably celebrating Diwali back where you work.


Leaves approved, tickets done. You are one of the luckiest chaps! You start planning what to get for your parents,brother,sisters,nephews back home for Diwali. You spend a few weekends before going home in the market sorting out what will suite the best for the ones who are waiting desperately for your arrival. And for those bit lazier one's all you do is click on order item from your preferred eCommerce websites!

4.Last minute changes

You are some two weeks away from Diwali and you get sudden increase in work pressure, you work for late hours,work over weekends so that at any cost your deliverables are met before going,or else you spending Diwali here itself! You literally have to become a machine to overcome that!

5.Ghar ki Diwali

Back home prior to a week your house is in a decorative mood,decorating the house in its possible best is a common activity at Diwali to welcome the Goddess Laxmi who is believed to bring luck and prosperity for the whole family.

6.Khana toh banta hai

You finally reach home and you are given a warm welcome,you already notice that your mom already planned how to serve you with your favorite dishes during your stay.Tight schedule means you will end up having some 'n' numbers of your favorite dishes at one go!

7.Get together and Reunions

Diwali is an opportunity for people to get together with friends and relatives. You visit relatives pplace,exchange gifts and have a gala time. People spend time together playing games,going for Diwali parties or satiating in delicious foods

8.Indulge in sweets

Diwali is that time of the year when you will get a guilt free pass to indulge in as much sweets you want to without worrying about the weight gain. Ladoos,barfis,halwa,there is so much variety out there and its just so tempting!

9.No to firecrackers

Say no to firecrackers! And the pollution they cause.Have a cracker free DIWALI. But say 'YES' to Celebrations! No to crackers! This diwali Burst your EGO NOT Crackers