9 things students from Bhawanipur Education Society can totally relate to

Posted by
Sushim Dutta
on April 15, 2017

1.When Dilip Sanghvi is the ex student

India's richest man in terms of personal property, the CEO MD of Sun Pharma, Dilip Sanghvi had walked through the corridors and breathed the air of the same institution!


Probably one of the most awaited annual college event in Kolkata! The lights.. The stage! The glamour, the celebs.. Undoubtedly a treat to eyes and a satisfaction to self!

3.The Canteen

When it comes to food and adda with lip smacking cuisines to treat your taste buds! The canteen is always at service. P S - the ideal place for bunking classes !

4.Attendance sabotage!

When FORUM mall takes away the biggest percentage of attendance of the students! Though feel bad for the morning session! They're the sufferers ! Lol!

5.The fashion mantra

From Mohawks to crop tops.. The fashion in Bhawanipur.. Always fresh, always prime!

6.The college internals

Probably the only time when you find the college full of students and teachers having a hard time!

7.The Library

Without a doubt , the best and the most modernised library any college could have!

8.The games room

From board games to table tennis with basketball and the indoor court.. Games..are always on !

9.Valia Hall

From dance or skit rehearsals to workshops..the ideal place.. The perfect Hall for conducting events!