8 things you can relate to if you are from IBM

Posted by
Shivangi Shroff
on November 20, 2016`

1.Brand Name

You flaunt the brand, because everyone knows about it! (Where do you work? IBM!!! naam toh suna hoga? ;P)

2.We are smart

People think you are smart and they go wow every time you tell them you are an IBM employee (Haha koi ni bolo toh refer kar du? :P)

3.IBM Products

You proudly tell others that Lotus Notes and ThinkPad, which most of the offices use as their internal email software and employee laptop device is an IBM product (And behave as if you have invented it :D)


The word 'innovation' becomes an integral part of your life (Dude aaj kisi innovative jagah ghoomne chalte hai!!)

5.Work From Home

You take the Work from home policy for granted (Yaar aaj ni aa sakti shopping pe, ghar se kaam kar rahi hu :D)

6.Flexible Working Hours

You love how you can work flexible hours (Your friend is coming at 10 am? No problem I will pick her up, aise bhi mujhe 12 baje office jaana hai)

7.Hear nothing against IBM

You keep complaining about how you don?t get perks, but hear no word against the company from anyone else! (Tujhe pata bhi hai IBM has the most number of patents!! Huh! )

8.Once an IBMer, always an IBMer

Last but not the least, Once an IBMer, always an IBMer!! (Haan yaar job chor di par main do saal baad firse IBM join karungi)