8 Must Reads if you are a Delhi Girl

Posted by
Aanchal Gupta
on October 10, 2015

1.Never forget to carry your pepper spray

If you are working or travelling till late in the night, pepper spray is a must for ensuring your safety and security. You can keep multiple in case you have the forgetting syndrome.

2.Junk Jewellery to ethnic wear, they have it all

The girls around the world visit Delhi for shopping. There are multiple shopping destinations in Delhi and they all have their own specialty. So if you are already in your teens and still not bought junk jewellery from Jan path in Connaught Place or ethnic wear from Chandni Chowk its high time you drop by soon.

3.Golgappa Rules

When it comes to hopping by the roadside stalls nothing precedes Delhi. Every second girl likes to have the street food of Delhi of which Golgappa tops the list.And to complement it; momos,dal moth , aloo tikki , aloo chaat , papri chaat makes up for an awesome list of varieties to keep off your hunger throughout the day.

4.Tofu, Wontons, Dumplings... okay something simpler ? Chow Mein

They have savor for Chinese food and Delhi has many good restaurants that serves authentic Chinese food. Also we are a master of having the Indian version of all Chinese dishes. For a newcomer if you have just about settled in Delhi , next weekend be to Bercos . And for those studying in the South campus , QD's is a hot favourite.

5.Metro Ratings (0-10/10)

They prefer to travel by Metro as the first compartment is reserved for Ladies. And while travelling in women's compartment get ready to be rated from top to toe by the other fashion experts around you.[Assumption:-All girls know they are gorgeous and have the best fashion sense. I am sure you just now related yourself, isn't it?

6.Daaru mein to aap inse panga le hi nehi sakte

They like to get drunk, and Martinis are their favorite. So, ladies night it is - the event their whole week revolves around!

7.Flats? Bitch Please. Give me my heels

They love wearing high heels and learn how to walk in them before they even learn to walk in the flats. So if you still not a master in it, better be quick.


Delhi girls are known for their fashion sense (hence the rating you got some time back in the Metro) and bringing in the latest trends. So if something arrives first in the country, it should already be in your closet. If you are a day late , consider changing your city or visiting an expert!