7 Things We Definitely Face the Night before Exams

Posted by
Sonal Sai
on December 4, 2015

1.What if it rains tomorrow or there?s a cyclone??

Or in that case, any natural calamity will do?

2.I wonder what's for dinner

Studies for 10 minutes. Makes a trip to kitchen

3.What should I wear tomorrow?

The intense need to impress that hottie(irrespective of the gender) sitting next to you

4.Time for a selfieee

Exams? Well yeah! But first, lemme take a selfie!

5.What an awesome weather!

Aaj mausam beimaan hai bada!!

6.Let the exams get over!

Meanwhile, has covered half a page!!

7.Let me check on my friends!!

Le Friend: Abey yaar! Bahut tension hai! Ek paragraph padhna reh gaya Le Me: *faints*