15 things students from St. Vincent's Asansol can totally relate to

Posted by
Nilanjan Mukherjee
on April 09,2017


Whether it be the battles or the hard batters of time. These building have always withstood everything and proved their toughness time in and out.

2.Junior school building

From learning to write with pencil all the way to spilling ink on our school dress and copies. it all happened here.

3.Monday Mornings

Hair on your arm is bound to erect when 1200 students sing the anthems with pride in their hearts and say the prayer with utmost faith.

4.Principal's office

Where fear multiplies faster than rabbits !

5.Consilio et animo

Pride and Glory Summed up in one picture on the annual meet. Where everybody gave their best for their respective houses!

6.First Taste of Seniority

This is where we learnt to give up our half pants and wear full pants like the Seniors

7.Examination hall

The fright of ICSE and ISC Exams,when 'We looked up for Inspiration, Down in Desperation,Left and right for Information!!'

8.Lost twin of Eden Gardens

If ever Eden Gardens was lost from Bengal, then this place could be a very close substitute.

9.Fight in The Water

The Swimming gala have always brought out best swimmers and even if Michael Phelps was there, he could have faced a tough competition!

10.Asansol Derby

You must have witnessed The Manchester Derby, The EL Classico, The Kolkata Derby (MB vs EB) but never is the competition so heated when it is SVS vs SPS

11.Playing Traunt

Clusters of students could be found near the 'Toilet' at certain times (3rd & 4th)period, Until Respected Principal Sir Showed up.

12.The other version of Table Tennis

The game might not have qualified for the Olympics but was definitely very popular and competitive amongst the student.


Being punished and made to write imposition during break time and activity period by our Respected Senior Coordinator Mr. Dsouza was perhaps the most humiliating punishment ever, As your friend had a good laugh at your expense.

14.Abode for the special (Asha niketan)

Through Mrs.Bani Mukherjee we were introduced to caring & sharing unconditionally in this place.

15.The Streets of Heaven !

The road that led to the creation of thousands of Vincentians under the strict supervision of Brother.