15 things students from Burnpur Riverside School can totally relate to

Posted by
Souvik Barua
on April 16, 2017

1.Physics Lab

The place where probably the most kind hearted person in the entire school,Ravi sir,will always remain evergreen!

2.Chemistry Lab

When we think about chemistry lab, first thing that comes in mind is the face of Jamal Sir. . Prabhat sir is just an ad-on to the package. But the best part probably will be keeping the books on the shelf during examination. If you remember how we used to cheat.

3.Audio and Visual Room

Place where children excitedly go to spend a free hour of nice chit chat with friends. Learning about E-learning is just like a cover of a book. The story is somewhat different!

4.Children Playground

AAh!!! probably the best place to spend childhood in BRS!We BRSites know that we will never be absent on a PT day and that's the reason why! One of the best place for children to play and seniors to bunk classes.

5.Basketball Court

Place were you show your awesomeness and coolness. Best part : Playing dodge Ball and kabaddi on this court! This is the time when you make memories!(And later cherish them like am doing now.

6.Hostel Ground

A ground where 'APNI YAARI' found its root.The Annual sport practice,the summer camps,the school team football practice sessions,the fights,the truth and dare games,the 'blazer diye dheke mara' times and last but not the least,just during dusk,sitting on the green grass and enjoying peaceful life and just watching the sunset with friends sitting beside you were just some extravagance moments.

7.Assembly Ground

Starting with the prayer,the choir song,news reading,Shloka,student speech,thought for the day,teacher's speech,announcements and prize distributions(if any),principal speech,school anthem,national anthem,along with children fainting during assembly sessions,senior students laughing and making fun in the assembly lines,stalking on your crush secretly ;)(oh!! now I see the smile on your face :P) and the list goes on...

8.Biology Lab

People were more interested in the skeleton than the experiment they were told to do.


Naam matro! we used to visit just to check the new editions of digit magazine :P and basically make noise which was often taken care of by the even louder noise of our beloved Librarian sir.

10.Biotech Lab

Debraj sir is god!People who took Biotech,they know it very well!. Although Chandan sir had some issues with students.(If you know what I mean)

11.CS Lab

Monojit Sir Debdeep Sir and Amrita ma'am,names are enough...just to remind you that playing games and gossiping in lab are not ethical practices.

12.Annual Function

Prestigious moment for students and their parents to hold their head high. Also you will find the best cultural talents of the school performing on this precious gala evening.

13.Annual Sports

Starting with all the efforts put for the best march past performance right till the end of a house winning the the best sports-house-of-the-year trophy,from dance performances by tiny tots to cheering for individual houses on the finale of inter-house sports events, only us BRSites know what memories we made.:) (The mishtir packet is a complimentary emotion!

14.Saraswati Puja

(Probably the topic most of you were looking forward to and here it is :P ) The Bengali valentine's day and we all know how well it is celebrated.Girls wearing saree and boys wearing Payjama Punjabi, looking absolutely flawless, trying to impress their crush,the bhog bhojon, Pass outs meeting teachers,protima dorshon, a reason for reunion of friends seperated by distance but united by love and friendship,a day when youngsters of the school show their,driving skills but every year end up in 1 or 2 minor accidents(drive safe guys,don't get hurt and always think about your parents ,a reason for not studying and the newest trend is clicking pictures with DSLR and taking lots of selfies; all of these contribute to the making our memories.

15.Special Mentions

Sushil Sir (With all due respect) : See it all started from here.The trend of keeping beard(Dadhi)

Debapratim Sir whose efforts are often not recognized by many but regardless of anything how well he participates in most of the events of our school and its him who fill colours in most of the cultural and non-cultural and events.

Seva singh Sir : 'Ek kheench ke marunga na pura akal thikane mein aa jayegi!' is basically the hindi version of Tapas sir's dialogue by our very beloved Seva Singh sir.