14 things you will definitely experience if you are from Accenture

Posted by
Debarun Paul
on January 31, 2016

1.Training Accommodation

The initial two weeks of luxurious accommodation provided by Accenture is something one really boasts of which is mostly a three star boarding or something close to that. On the contrary the transition is also saddening when life is back to sqaure one in a flat or a PG.


Gft being the acronym for Green Field Training is the first two months of training provided by Accenture to new joiners and is also the most colourful period of the entire journey. Though in these two months we end up studying more than what we have in our entire college life to prevent ourselves from RT?s, still there is a brighter side to it. Here people meet new people, acqaintances, friendships, infatuations and definetely the list goes on, which finally culminates after the Graduation Day.

3.ITP and Project

BENCH(ITP) as we all know it is the carefree span just after the GFT. Folks tend to ease themselves after two months of torrid training. When coming to office is not a liability and all that is required is attendance twice in a day which can be definitely proxied. Conversely life drastically changes once you are HARDLOCKed(that is what we call) in a project. All the frisk somehow vanishes and one feels like a newly wedded bride, a new environment, dumped with KT?s every now and then.

4.My Learning

The learning portal of Accenture where one has to complete the trainings by clearing the tests for each topics. And yes all questions are MCQs and yes there is no negative marking. I hope I can also relate with you when you play inki pinki ponki with the options and finally you clear it in the 5th or 6th attempt.

5.People. accenture. com

Invariably can be used as an alternative for facebook especially the Search button at the top right corner of the screen comes in handy.

6.All sec

The payroll site which alternatively holds the strings of all the employees, is put to use definitely once in a month to check the pay slip and once in an year to fill the Income Tax returns to get tax benefits.

7.Bengali Women

Well this is not a point that has a specific bar code associated with Accenture. Moreover, not that as I am a Bong that I will be prejudiced towards Bengali women but out of a discrete set of observations they seem to be sweetest of the lot. Properly carrying themselves in attire as well as conduct.

8.Men from Chandigarh and Delhi

They are the most suave and elegant of the lot. Chivalrous men-Proper haircut, stuble trimmed, clothes with the best possible fittings, clean polished shoes and what not that they have ingrained in themselves. They carry a different swagger amongst themselves which is certainly worth watching.


Travelling in a lift is at times pathetic specifically when you are travelling from the basement to the top floor. The train(hypothetically) stops at every station possible and somehow it feels you are aging in it. By the time you come out you remember it was last year that you boarded the lift.


Accenture has a huge employee strength in India. Which boils down to this that there is a huge crowd in the cafeteria during lunch and finding a place to sit and have lunch is like chasing a wild goose. Sometimes it becomes very tedious and having a buffet seems convenient.


Long queues for sodexos are no less than people standing in a queue for ration. And sometimes people forget to collect them as well.

12.Weekend Work

The idea of slogging even on weekends does make one feel desolated but on the brighter side one does not refrain from relishing the food ordered from the best food outlet in town. Thanks, the cafeteria remains closed on weekends.

13.Shoe Shining Machine

How can I forget this !! An utility just out the washroom reducing the effort of self maintenance. However the paste fails to come out sometimes. Hopefully people can relate.

14.Ethnic wear

Yes Accenture does have a huge diversity in its work force. So, days when ethnic wear is the dress code, it seems like a festival in office. Mostly people wear clothes representing their culture and tradition creating a lively ambience.

"High Performance Delivered" as the tagline displays, everyone here thrives to do so and the organization also does not refrain from catering to the needs of its employees. Experiences are plenty that one encounters here, both personal and professional but these memories will always be treasured by any Accenturite!!

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