13 things you can totally relate to if you are a Bangalorean

Posted by
BB Staff Writer
on December 30, 2015

1.You are immune to meter pe 30rs extra...Here you pay him Rs 104

2.If the word 'Majestic' means something completely contrary to it's meaning..

3.If you go boasting around to every other non-Bangalorean that the weather here is simply Awsome.

4.If you consider crossing Silk-Board/Graffite-India Crossing in a single attempt as a major acheivement in your life.

5.If your time to reach home from airport is greater than the flight duration..

6. If you are in a 11 month agreement of living at 'some' cross of 'some' Lane of 'some' Layout of 'some' Stage of 'some' Block of 'some' Nagar.

7.If you have wondered whether the names of 100ft road or 80ft road anyway resembles their width.

8.Bengaluru India?s Start Up Capital: Koramangala has always been a hub of creative startups.Flipkart, Uber just to name a few.

9.If 'CHILL MAADI' and 'ENJOY MAADI' is the first words of kannada you hear..

10.If you know what is a 'Death By Chocolate' and what Corner House is all about...

11.If every third person you meet works for an IT company.

12.If you are intimidated by the endless list of bus numbers from BMTC, for which you feel really thankful for.

13.If you are used to see more'OFF-Shops' than Grocerry shops around your vicinity..