13 things people from Techno India, Salt Lake can relate to

Posted by
Sreyoshi Ghosh
on October 2, 2015

1.Much coveted placements

?21 tak padhai 22 pey naukri 25 pe chaukri..? chaukri ka toh pata nahi..but if you are in TISL irrespective of the fact whether you are a topper or a 6 pointer you will surely get a job in TCS!

2.Dadas of TISL

?If you face any problem in college you can contact me?..these cheesy line is almost used by every male senior to impress that queen bee of 1st year!

3.FT Department

After spending few months in TISL boys realise that they should have taken FT instead( for oh so number of reasons)

4.5th September

Only place where you celebrate Teachers Day, Fresher's Day, and College's Foundation Day together

5.Uncensored adda

Rajar dokan (Formerly Abhijit dar dokan), Kakar chaer dokan, Mashir dokan are the ultimate adda spots for Techno Indians!

6.Bura Mat Mano.. Holi hai !!

After 1st year, Holi maybe the only occasion when your college Tshirt actually comes into help.

7.Eyecatchers of TISL

Every engineering student gives a jawdropping expression while coming across non engg students ..'Are they really from our college?' well the tone varies for girls and boys!

8.Foodcourt doesn?t exist anymore

When your friends from other colleges boast of their extravagant canteens and libraries all you can do is silently listen to them with an 'okk????..(sigh)' expression!


EDGE and ANAKHRONOS committee members define coolness!

10.Rebel !!

Your college life at TISL is incomplete if you haven?t experienced strikes in college!

11.Dry Day

Alcohol is strictly banned in cultural fest..ahhh true indeeeeeeed!

12.Heart of TISL

Balconies of ECE building have seen and heard most of the love stories, craziness, gossips of TISL!

13.Essence of TISL

Although you will have numerous griveances about TISL but you will start loving this place for TISL is a family bounded by threads of unadulterated love,friendship and happiness!