12 things you will relate to, if you are from B.P.Poddar Institute of Management & Technology

Posted by
Prerana Paul
on October 10, 2015

1.Identity card

It doesn't matter if you are from 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, your identity cards will always be checked before entering the college premises.

2.Lift but No Lift

If you are a BPPIMTian you should be having a good physique and a high lung capacity because you have to climb the stairs to reach 5th floor even! The elevators are meant only for the teachers and students are literally prohibited to even go near them until there is a serious reason for using the elevator.

3.The Fire Extinguishers

You can see fire extinguisher pipelines all over the building. The fire alarm rings out anytime according to its own will, maybe because it has never got to ring for the actual reason it was installed for!

4.Thumbs Up for Space Management

This college is a perfect example of space management! It covers quite a small area but it has 3 blocks of 5 to 6 stories each and the classrooms and laboratories are sufficiently big.

5.Dare you bunk a Lab

Attending each and every lab class is a must. Missing even one of them will degrade your grades by a great deal. One more thing--- don't you ever dare to enter the lab if you haven?t finished writing the experimental details of your previous day in lab, on your lab notebook.


We really don't know what ragging is. The first year students are shielded by the Anti-ragging Committee which comprises of students from 2nd and 3rd year. However, if the seniors somehow get hold of the fresher's, they 'rag' them only by asking for an intro! http://makeagif.com/C-N1AV

7.Formals for Humanities Lab

If you see students roaming about in formals, you can be sure that they either have a Humanities lab or Kingshuk Sir's training classes!

8.Smile you are on CCTV

Inside the college you are always under CCTV surveillance. So, beware if you are planning a prank or breaking the rules or doing something naughty!

9.VIP Road,Haldiram?s

The college is located opposite Haldiram's on VIP road. The location itself suggests how food-friendly the place is! You will get to select from Haldiram's, Spring fresh (the unofficial college canteen!), Mashir dokan, Smackers, Dhakai Biriyani and of course the fuchka stalls!

10.Bunking Destinations

Whenever there is a mass bunk or an early leave from college, you can plan to hit City Centre 2 or Eco Park both of which are fairly close from the college.

11.Placements vs Strikes

There is at least one strike every year due to placement issues. While the 4th year students raise their voices against authorities to bring in more companies, the rest of the college indulge in chats and antaksharis. However, the food from canteen runs out as usual which will leave you hungry!


Every year we have 2 fests---Panache (the language fest) and Techstorm (the technological fest). The cultural fest, Elixir, happens once in two years which really keeps the students waiting for it and if you are a BPPIMTian you must know that Elixir is worth waiting for!