12 things you will certainly experience if you work in TCS

Posted by
Anurupa Mondal
on February 21, 2016

1.The BLUE tag

When you see the dark blue tag on anyone will know he or she belongs to TCS. Rather it will be the most seen tags which you can notice in a corporate crowd.


Most people belonging to TCS will go through ILP training. And it is a rather rigorous training to train the employees just in the way the organization wants you.


Any problem? Any enquiries?..Ultimatix is the go-to portal for all the employees. This place just got everything you need..The only trick is you need to look for it in the right place.


Knowledge transfer popularly known as KT in TCS is given to every employee whenever you start working in a new project and if you think you can skip this..Think over again !! No knowledge or work experience can make you skip this.

5.Swipe Records

Forget anything in this world but not swiping. Because this is how are working hours are maintained. There is a strict policy of maintaining 9 hours of work..if not then God helps you.

6.Tea Breaks

And if you want to know the secret behind maintaining 9 hours.these are tea breaks(Shhhh..:p) . People are often seen more out for tea breaks than at their cubicle. And these breaks are just not for tea. Its for snacks,talks and more...(The 'more' is upto your team)


This is a company where you find employees from all parts of India, let me correct you..'World' will be more suitable. With over 3,24,000 employees over 46 countries, people from everywhere work in this organization.


No matter how many lifts your building provide,you always end up waiting for the lift forever!! And mostly when you are in a hurry you surprisingly find all the lifts moving in the opposite direction and then you just prefer to take the stairs instead.


This place is always crowded no matter what time of the day it is. The cafeteria provides all kind of foods that you just need to munch on and pass your day and one interesting fact if you notice are the few people you see here,like the news guy (eyes always stuck to tv), the mobile guys(always typing and not even knowing if the adjacnt building collapsed),the loud speaker(women mostly, where you will know all their stories even if 4 tables apart),the lonely guy(all day sitting alone doing nothing),the cool group and many more

10.Ethnic Days

On this day the people are dressed in their best attire and the workplace looks totally vibrant and colorful. It looks better when all the employees are dressed in their regional clothes!!

11.Night shifts

Yes a nightmare! As TCS has to handle clients from all over the world,night shifts are quite common and frequent and only people suffering..ahh i mean getting the chance to do it knows the experience!! well..lets just stop at 'experience'.


There are some or the other celebrations that goes on throughout the year and these are the best times when you can take the workload off and just enjoy in office. Maitree club organizes various just events and it always makes you happy to be a part of it and this is where everyone can show their hidden talents.

With experiencing certainty here you get many other things which is just perfect for your work-life balance. This company is among the big 4 in the indian IT industry and the top employer. Working here gives you a lot of experiences which only a TCSer know.