12 things you experience when you are a Non-Bengali from Kolkata

Posted by
Shivangi Shroff
on November 22, 2015

1.'Ha bhaiya puchka main aur 'JHAAL' daalo'

You learn to speak bong-hindi, even at home

2.People think you love maach bhaat, even though you might never have tasted it

'Dude I have not even been to the fish market ever'

3.'I am a Kolkatite, accept the harsh truth!'

Bengalis often ask you 'tomar des kothae' (Where is your actual hometown)

4.'Yaar kal school ja rhi hai kya, kal to transport strike hai, suna nahi??'

You are tired of all the politics and strikes that goes in and around

5.'Baah ki mishti bangla bole!!'

You have lots of bengali friends, and often end up impressing their parents with your bengali speaking accent

6.'Mummy luchi aloo dam banao naa!!'

You love the Bengali food, and ask your mom to prepare the same for you

7.'Nahi nahi, main Bengali nahin hu'

When you go out you clarify people that how you are not a Bengali even though you are from Kolkata

8.'Yaar, inhe kitna freedom hota hai!'

You get jealous seeing your Bengali friends getting pampered

9.'Mmmmm.. I love sweets!'

With all the rosogolas and sandesh around, you end up having a sweet tooth

10.'Iss baar Durga Puja pe all night ghumenge, aur Deso Priyo park toh miss karna hi nahi hai!!'

Like any other Bengali, even you wait for the vibrant Durga Puja

11.'Oye, Bengal ki history pata bhi hai, Kolkata was the first capital of India.. huh!'

You keep criticizing Kolkata, but you can?t hear a word from anyone else

12.'I am a Rajasthani from Bengal, Not everyone is lucky to have that mixture'

You love the fact that you have two places, which you can call your own Kolkata has been my hometown away from the real hometown, but I never failed to receive the sweetness the city of joy has to offer. Same goes for anyone who has lived here, even for a short while, be it a Bengali or a non- Bengali, it treats everyone equally.. Cheers to Kolkata!! My blog link : https : // theinsomniacgal . wordpress . com/