11 things you can totally relate to if you have completed your training from Infosys Mysore

Posted by
Anuran Mukherjee
on November 29, 2015


The first classy thing that falls on your eyes,once you step inside the campus for the first time through GATE 2 after going past 3 security guards you say 'Kya sahi khaane ka jagah haai yaar'.You just need a week before you discover that this is one among those many such classy cafeteria's.Oasis,Maitree,Arena,just to name a few in the 338 acre campus!

2.The First Ride

You are given a ride around the campus from GATE 2 by a van and all you think is what not to watch,buildings of such structures you haven't ever seen,gardens,cafeteria?s,stadiums.Your mind goes for a buzz before you reach the ECC's for your accommodation.

3.ECC Room's

The attendents hands you over the keys and the moment you open the door,you find everything you want in a room.An air conditioned room with Plasma TV,sofa sets,coffee tea maker,almirah with electronic locker,study table,phone.You have it all. All it doesn?t provide is Smoking and Drinking inside the room. A special mention for all those who are always willing to break rules.Just Don't!


They show movies,the latest ones over the weekends.All you need to do is to stand in a queue to get a ticket which is actually free of cost.The multiplex structure beats the structures you will find in multiplexes outside.The picture says it all and yes we know it.


Coming to the business point of view,the two words 'Generic' and 'Stream' become the talk of the campus. People in Stream are the blessed one?s as they are about to complete the training.FA1,FA2,FA3,'65 aa jaaye baas',your 3 months will just vanish by keeping yourself indulged in these code words.At the end you will end up realizing you haven?t studied this much combining 4 years in college compared to these 3-4 months at Infosys Mysore.


There?s Gazeebo,right behind GEC1 that houses the smoking area along with a CCD and a shop that sells pastries,puffs and coldrinks. Looks cool and sounds cool too!

7.Sports Lovers Paradise

It is a heaven for you if you are fond of gymming, bowling, Tennis, Swimming, Cricket, Badminton just to name a few. And yes the Swimming pool which soothes you down with a warm bath in the evening,a Cricket Stadium,a Football stadium.Yes Stadium's and not just grounds! :D

8.Loyal World

Yes the 'Loyal World' that has almost anything you would need

9.Cycle Stands

Atleast one cycle stand infront of every hostels and major buildings.It is said to have an approx. 5000 cycles.You need to be an easy rider if you want to get those 'Lady Bird' Pink and Blue cycles orelse you will have to walk and go to your classrooms with constant whistles from security gaurds to walk on the footpath!

10.Golden Grass

Well this is the first paradise held just outside the campus. Yes you need not need an occasion to go and have a sit there at Golden Grass.Friday evenings,after finishing off an FA all you need to do is go relax in Golden grass with a drink or two with your friends and party.Just gain back some consciousness before entering the campus as the guard's will be up on their toes for their next 'Drunken Entry' target.

11.Cherished days for any Infoscion

You make friends,fall in love,loose friends,earn for the first time in your life,learn how to spend your hard earned money and move out of the campus with heavy hearts and tearful Goodbye's. Days spent in Mysore Campus are the most cherished days of any Infoscion!>