11 things you can only relate, if you are from Academy of Technology (AOT) college

Posted by
Abhijit Gupta
on October 10, 2015


Absolute beauty! Greenery all around, right in the middle stands a pond (to which only dipping the feet was allowed). The sacred mango,guava and lichi trees too (oh yes ! We do have lichi trees)


Adisaptagram ! ,Where is that ? I know that, I won't have to tell how difficult it is to explain where actually is it located. Trust me I had a hard time explaining, it always ended up in me telling them its BANDEL .


Assignment, internal (1st , 2nd ,3rd ) ,lab internals etc. A day without exams or assignments in AOT must be a national holiday.


75% or see you next year. Not even for a single semester did we have our attendance below the limit.

5.D.P, Hostel-ites and Non hostel-ites

There were only three kinds of people in our college . Hostel-ites , non- hostelites (mess and the rented apartment guys) and lastly the most intriguing category DP (daily passenger) .These were the ones traveling in and out of college via local trains.

6.Auto Rikshaw

Though the primary means of transportation was local trains, but you cannot ignore the epic auto rickshaws. 'Bhaiya piche 4 aur samne 4 hone ke baad hi chalegi AUTO'? 9 including the driver .


Suman da , Jayanto da, Samarpan or Sujoy da ,let us call them life saviours. Be it a bunked period in Suman da's shop , be it 'jayanto da' Puri sabji breakfast or hotel samarpan's evening snacks, or bijus da's ghugni muri. But the one who stood out was sujoy da. Have a cup of sujoy da's special chai, you will rate it the best in the world.

8.Mass bunking

Trust me , its a sin , you simply cannot commit this crime.

9.Arcadia and Fresher's (Regatta)

Let the music flow , lets us groove. Perhaps this is the only time in your life when you could dance to 'tarap trap ke'. Regatta actually means boat race , but don't ask me why fresher's event was named so. Its the when fresher's understand that they wont be ragged in any possible way .

10.High-way to hell !!

Hakim's , Sonar Bangla and lake view are considered to be places of sin. Don't get your hopes high to end the day in a high note, its like a mutual fund. And as you know mutual investments are subject to market risks.

11.Bura na mano HOLI HAI !

Though its not allowed to celebrate it inside the campus , we made up for by making the railway station our playground.