11 things that define the Asansol Engineering College way of life!!

Posted by
Rituja Chatterjee
on October 10, 2015


Day starts and day ends with this main topic.


Rumors galore about the college fest with the main question- 'abbe is saal fest hoga kya?'


Xerox center aka 'the needs' the shop which has everything u need except the shopkeeper who just vanishes!!

4.Badal da er stall

The real symbol of communism in our college,where teachers,students, staff are are equal

5.College Canteen

College Canteen -wait....what??? Does that thing still exists?? well it does with it bucket loads of chawal ,dal and mostly other inedible stuff

6.The Mechanical Building

The NCR region of AEC where guys are taught to master the art of staring and commenting on girls!

7.Fights and Strike

Loacalites & Hostelites, Seniors & Juniors, Inter Departmental.....The college is more explosive that the borders between the two Korean nations


The most frequently asked question in campus 'Bhai Tcs asche to ebar??? Kotojon nebe re?? asbe to pakka??'campassing is synonymous to TCS

9.The college bus

The vintage artifact which could give a bullock cart a run for its money,to come up last that is

10.The college uniform

How many time does it change? Some wear dark,some light and rest stripes?? Doesn't a college uniform have to be err... UNIFORM??


The college used to look like this years back from which it has evolved itself to one of the topmost private engineering colleges in West Bengal.