11 things students from St. Patrick's Asansol can totally relate to

Posted by
Anuran Mukherjee
on April 16, 2017

1.KG Park

The journey beings from this very KG Park, back field,Miss Green's office, playing catch catch, the multi colored table and chairs till the day we realize we are no longer toddlers and move to middle school. The transition is a much awaited one though!


Haunted place? Yes,it tops the list. You will even get an eerie feeling once you are passing the cemetery at broad day light.Well keeping this aside,the cemetery boasts of the glorious past of St.Patrick's with brother's from 18th,19th century cremated.


The only school in Asansol to have an auditorium. Used for Movies,spectrum,quiz competitions just to name a few. The balcony seat was/is the topmost choice for anyone.


The time for rivalry of the houses: Blue,Green,Green,Yellow.The energy level is something else all together. Which house bagged the March Past? Legacy! Followed by drills, pyramids, a complete treat of sportsmanship and colour and enthusiasm.


For the recent patricians, it started in the year 2006.Its an amalgam of inter-school singing, dancing, skit, wall painting and every possible activities. Special mentions to the sessions visited by Loreto, AG Asansol and Sodepur girls.

6.Patrick's Loreto Gate

It's an old day to present day love point. From both ends tough! And the location of the jhalmuriwala was apt to attract more peoples pouring in!

7.Assembly Ground

Our father who art in heaven! Class 5-12, so 700-800 students in a single assembly ground headed by our principal. The view of the assembly ground is a treat of picturesque!

8.Edmund Rice Tophy

Previously known as 5'3 and now Under 17 Tournament.The dream of every patrician to be in the playing 11 and being cheered up by every Patrician. Sets up a lightning environment.

9.Location of Class 10 A/B/C

Depending on the intensity of hooliganism, one of the Class 10 rooms are placed in between the Principal and Senior School Supervisor's office.Now thats some way to tighten the unruly batch.

10.Lab Building

Patrick's was known to have the best Physics and Chemistry, Biology lab in the entire region and still continues to be there in the top. Worth mentioning Nicholas our lab assistant,the guy who could single handedly run all the three labs! Beside that the Lab buildings was one of the treasured places for bunking during our days!

11.Naai Disha

One among the renowned noble venture of helping the poor children who are found begging in the Asansol Railway platform launched in the year 2002. Educational materials,clothes,medicines,funds are pored in to the activity for their welfare from the current Patricians as well as the Ex-Patricians.