11 things students from AG Asansol can totally relate to

Posted by
Rusha Sarkar
on April 16,2017

1.Our Church

As by the name it was a place to worship where masses used by to be held every Sunday. But according to our school routine, it was a place for our singing class too. This place had multiple uses like during rainy season we had our morning prayers too, then inter-house competitons, etc. Not to mention our singing teacher Mr. Steven Khaka without whom this place would have been boring and void.

2.Old Church Building

This place had a lot of memories for all the ex AGites. As this side of the building acted as the background for all the class photos taken every year from nursery to Class 10. But now this thing has been renovated as our new Auditorium n Canteen.

3.The Big Stage

We always boasted about our stage. Though our school lacked an auditorium but all cultural or any other programmes used to happen on this stage. Big pandals was our school's style and we loved that. This was our place to have our morning prayers where every morning all d choir girls used to queue up on the stage and used to sing such lovely songs and we used to join them. Lots of mixed memories are attached to this area.

4.Computer Labs

Computer subject always had a different attention than any other subject. So going to computer labs was of so much fun. As we got to learn so new things about programming, then we used to do chit chat with our teachers. It never seem boring for us. This labs would not have been interesting without our faculty like Aditi and Sharda Miss. That one hour time passed so swiftly and we all again waited for our next day class.

5.Science Labs

Our all three science labs are so well equipped with so many equipment and other essential things. Out of the three labs we had our Physics and Chemistry lab. Doing the experiments and waiting to watch the reactions was so much fun. And we all used to fear that one name Miss P.Banerjee so we did those experiments carefully. Physics lab was helping each other sessions. Mrs T.Sanyal, Mrs S.Banerjee and Miss P.Banerjee made our science department so alive.

6.Our Teachers

They are the best set of teachers all AGites can get. They are the reason behind such talented girls. We always boasted that our teachers used to give more effort than what the students used to give. We all shall remain indebted to their teachings, values and ethics.

7.Late Mrs E. John

Her name has to be mentioned as she was the Epitome of Calmness. She was our ex headmistress but we had lost many years back. New students doesnt know her but I guess all old AGites will recall those moments spent with her.

8.School Ground

Here we have lots of memories starting from our morning prayers, independence day celebration, sports,cultural programmes,etc. This ground is also a part where we had our P.T. classes. We didn?t have such big grounds like other schools but we never felt this place small.

9.New Auditorium

After the renovation now old church looks like this so well furnished n nice auditorium. Now we AGites too can boast of having an auditorium where we have all the cultural programmes n many more events.

10.Investiture Ceremony

This was such a proud moment for the Agites when some selected used to get such posts for maintaining the decorum of school in accordance. The batch owners are called Blue Shirt Girls as they were the 'Prefects'.

11.My School

The not so big campus like other schools bt this has a big place in the hearts of all AGites. Whenever we pass by AGA we feel so nostalgic as there are lots of memories which we cherish forever. We have our 13years here so we call AGA as our 2nd home.