11 Dialouges Of AIB Roast that can make you Laugh Everytime You Listen

Posted by
Anay Das
on December 4, 2015

1.Galiya Do, Lakho Ch$#@*a Dekhenge

'Galiya Do,Lakho Ch$#@*a Dekhenge. Bh%&*@ke, I Just Gave You 50 More Views'- Raghu Ram

2.Bhai Tu Aj Bina Hilaye So ja

'If You Google Aditi Mittal Hot Pics, Google is Like Bhai Tu Aj Bina Hilaye So Ja. Please!! Sharam Kar'- Gursimran Khamba

3.Kala Khatta

'Ashish Shakia is So Black, His Girlfriend Gives Him a Blowjob Everytime She Craves Kala Khatta'-Gursimran Khamba

4.You Both Have Massive Openings

'Karan, You Are Exactly The Movies You Make. You Both Have Massive Openings'- Rohan Joshi

5.The Sad Person

'Ranbir, How Does It Feel To Be The Only Sad Person In The Country Everytime Virat Koli Scores A Century'- Abish Mathew

6.Ek Number Ka Ch$#@*a Hein

'Rajiv, Why Do You Use So Many Fancy Words To Describe Simple Concepts? If I Would Describe You, I Would Not Say Rajib Is The Pinnculous Zenith Of BioPolynating Vaginal Diaspohra. I Would Just Say Ek Number Ke Ch$#*a Hain'- Tanmay Bhatt

7.Kuch Dikh Raha Hein Kya!!!

'Arjun's Smile Is Creapiest Smile In The World, Even Shakti Kapoor Checks His Top Button- Aisa Kyun Ghur Raha Hein, Kuch Dikh Raha Hein Kya?'- Tanmay Bhatt

8.She Will Die of Aids First

'Ranveer You are Such A Slut, If You F**k A Chick With Ebola, She Will Die of Aids First'- Tanmay Bhatt

9.It Takes 3 Days For His D#@k To Resurrect

'Abish Mathew Is So Catholic, Once He Is Done Masturbating, It Takes 3 Days For His D#@k To Resurrect'-Gursimran Khamba

10.His Large Iintestine is Mukhesh Ambani

'Tanmay Bhatt Is So Fat, He Has Large Intestine And Small Intestine and His Large Intestine Is Mukhesh Ambani'- Rohan Joshi

11.She Becomes A Virgin Again

'Abish, If a Girl Has Sex With You, She Becomes A Virgin Again- You Are Literally Hymen Repariment'