10 Things you will relate to if you work in TCS Pune

Posted by
Satabdi Maharana
on September 4, 2016

1.Is that a transformer?

The feeling that you get you enter the one of most gigantic campus that you have seen for the first time. The proud feeling you get when you see the huge 'TATA' logo. The cricket field on 2nd floor, lotus-lake, multi floored gym, enormous canteen with hundreds of options and the list goes on.

2.Either you are from 'Megapolis' or you live in bus

One of the most affordable (as we are taking about people from TCS) and beautiful apartments just beside TCS. Either you stay in megapolis, or you have to travel your whole life to reach the campus (No exaggeration intended).

3.Traffic in Weekends

'I just got married, had kids, kids got married and now I have grandchildren. What did you do?' 'I think my bus/cab moved, no wait that?s just another vehicle, moved backwards'

4.Chai and Chakhna Dukan(CCD) infront of Tech Mahindra

You will find half of the population (again a we are taking about TCS we are Indian Population) you will find sipping tea with people from different companies. Networking over a cup of chai and white thing you blow.

5.Lifts in TCS

There are so many lifts and one keyboard on the wall. And if you press a wrong button, well good luck with your meeting. Happens when you work for a country rather than a company.


What?s the best thing about Friday in TCS? No formals on Friday. The roads in front of canteen becomes real pune-fashion street You won?t recognize your girl in next cubical.

7.Delivery man? No sir, We have 8-wheeler delivery trucks.

Trying to find which one of vans, delivery trucks, 8-wheelers that has your parcel. You can actually see the retail market grow.

8.Beach please!

Weekend Goa trips! And the ultimate Monday hangover in canteen, trying to be rational and find a reason not to quit.(Specially happens during the 'after-appraisal' phase'.)


The perfect way to heal away all your worries, hectic life around the traffic, noise, computers is to take road trip to the mesmerizing, calm hills of Lonavala, Panchgani, Mahabaleswar. #PuneMumbaiHighway. (Also this trips happen when you have a negative balance around the last days of the month)

10.The best part?

Perks of working in TCS Pune is the multiplex, live shows, concerts, futsal, pubs, hard rock cafe, huge malls, fashion street, shopping at FC Road and MG Road, those pune girls, those pune guys, food, celebrities and best part is It?s 'Pune'.