10 things you will relate to if you are from Scottish Church College

Posted by
Elora Sil Roy
on May 06, 2017

1.The Main Building

Every student of Scottish takes pride in how beautiful the building is, especially when our friends from other colleges admire it. And we always try to sneak in from the main gate whenever it is being opened for the cars, rather than going in from the side gate. We do feel like VIPs!

2.The Assembly Hall

Needless to say anything about it, right? From the very first day, starting from admission, first assembly, and various functions to the very last day, this place has served it all! And how pretty it looks during Christmas!

3.The Cheap Store

It wasn't cheap at all! But we would always run to our beloved Chipu Da in times of need! (And yes, we don't know his real name. He has always been Chipu Da for us!)

4.The Seminar Hall

Well, you have to agree that we all attend seminars only for the AC and snacks and sometimes even free lunch!

5.The Library

Though our college boasts about having a huge library, it mostly remains empty except before exams, when we have a hard time finding seats.

6.The Annual Sports

Image Courtsey : Debdutta Ganguly

While some of us did take part in it seriously, most of us went to attend it for all the delicious free lunch!


The annual fest of Scottish. We wait all year for those 4 days. Caledonia for us is equivalent to Durga Puja for bengalis. We boast of having a free entry for all students who have a valid ID card, unlike other colleges where you have to buy passes.

8.Hedua Park

Image Courtsey : Debdutta Ganguly

Azad Hind Bagh, commonly known as Hedua Park, is a place for romance for all the college couples. For the singles, it is a great place for entertainment as we get to see some intense actions (you know what I mean)! And the list goes on, only we Caledonians know it all deep down our hearts.