10 things you will relate to if you are from JDBI BBA

Posted by
Smriti Modi
on September 4, 2016

1.Importance of attendance

Attendance!! The only thing that is more important than final exams! The sole mantra to survive the three years is you understand its importance. If not, be ready to make frequent visits to the staff room!

2.JUSS! Need I say more?

The very first tip about faculty passed on by the seniors to the students of the freshman year ! Whether you are in the freshman year or the final year, you hardly spare your beloved teacher as soon as he enters the class or mispronounces certain words<#ihopeyouknowwhatimean>.

3.Love for Nandu's!!

Nandujee has everything you would ever need to satisfy your cravings- from their special maggi to your addictions. All you need to do is run down the five floors in that five minute break ,hog away and still make it to the class on time.

4.Borrowed campus

The most annoying taunt from people of other colleges. Yes we know it's a borrowed campus and it just has two floors but you don?t need to mention it each time, everytime- because we love our compressed campus!

5.Happening crowd

Whether you admit it or not but every student who ever thought of joining the college had this point on the top of their list. And it only helps to have the most happening crowd of the city since it makes you aware of the latest fashion trends.

6.The painful TSB's

You can love it, you can hate it but you can?t escape it. Throughout your three years in JDBI, this is the one constant thing. All I can say is you will soon get used to it. The non- jdbian's keep guessing what it means.

7.Holi- done right!

The madness on campus is almost crazy. A week before the festival, holi fever sets in and you have to be extremely cautious while using your waterguns or else you shall fall victim to the cctv cameras.

8.Saturday morning classes

The relaxed timings for the five days of the week ends on a terrible note. Every Saturday , you almost manage to make it to the class on time, all thanks to the 15 minute buffer time.

9.Unbelievable Sitting Arrangement

You know you are in JDBI when you are made to sit roll-number wise for the next three years of your college life. But it only helps you befriend some of the most amazing people who sit around you.

10.The terror of GRAND VIVA!

All the fun in the three years boils down to your preparation for Grand Viva. If you have ever acted oversmart- be prepared. Because its almost Revenge time.