10 things you will relate to if you are from Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology

Posted by
Pratyasha Mishra
on September 4, 2016

1.No Bus-ing around

Bus Annas are super prompt and punctual. Bus to reach your pick up location at 7.05 AM? 7.05 it is! Blink and miss.

2.Dil Garden Garden Ho Gaya

The college is abound with well manicured lawns, is so well maintained and proper that the first timers can?t help but gaze around.

3.Apps and Attendance!

You realize that this will mean the world to you, if you want to stay in the safe limits. The portal shows your daily attendance and keeping a close watch on this will *usually* help you strategize your leaves and bunks. Less than 70% attendance? Screwed.

4.Speaking of Bunking...

We mean it. When and why did bunking within the college premises get so hard? Trying to bunk even one class requires so much planning that you feel like Bond. We fervently hope things are better for our juniors.

5.All those fun vivas for 5 marks!!

Need I say more?


The normal, *bleh, okay* food at the canteen costs just fine. The actually edible and better tasting food options are listed as Specials and they are priced modestly (NOT). We call this discrimination. Food-icism.

7.MCD and more

Classic, Vac?s, Mc Donalds, Sai Ratna, Ibaco and yes, GO FRESH burgers and sandwiches are the places you frequent after 5.00 PM


Our college has a lot of engineering aspirants who are photographers and short-movie directors by the night. All those amazing DSLR profile photos of us chilling out at fests and all? Thanks guys!

9.Selfies no more

Your phone has less photos of you and more of assignments and record sheets.


You'll find some amazing, nutty people that you'll be in contact with for the rest of your life.