10 things you will relate to if you are from Institute of Technical Education & Research (ITER), Bhubaneswar

Posted by
Saswat Mishra
on January 2, 2016

1.Mini ITER

Mini ITER has helped me more in passing my semesters, than ITER ! Thanks to the last minute notes!

2.New Buildings after each Vacation

Every time you return after a vacation, you find a new building inside the campus! Rome wasn?t built in a day, may be ITER has the potential to prove it wrong

3.Lawn, Basketball court

The lawn, the basketball court and the dark corners of the college provide the perfect ambiance for the couples. If you understand what I mean!


I have spent more time with Anam-Sunaam(Chai dukaan) than my classes. This place is something more than a CCD or a Starbucks for me! #nostalgicmemories

5.Unlimited Party!!

There was never a dearth of reasons for boozing! Gf ka placement, dost ka breakup, roommate ka patch-up and the list goes on!

6.TCS to ayega hi

TCS will remain our biggest saviour! I always wanted to study in my B.Tech career but until I heard the famous lines; ?Padho ya naa padhoo finally TCS mei hi hona hai !?

7.Cake smeared selfie

A birthday is never complete without a cake smeared selfie near Monginis!

8.Ladies hostel

Evening time near the ladies hostel becomes the most happening place in the campus. Bike stunts, cute girls, their equally cute Bfs, security bhainas with their whistles and what not!


All the boys are grateful to this club for transforming average looking girls into divas on the Genesis night.

10.Kudos to ITER

The story of ITER cannot end without a bitter taste. Normal back, attendance back, year back, summers and what not! Kudos to all who have successfully cleared these hurdles and best of luck to you folks who are yet to clear!