10 things you will come across if you are in NIT Durgapur

Posted by
Niladri Banerjee
on September 17, 2015


This is the first thing you will come to know as the change begins from school to college life. Within hours of stepping into the hostel everything will fall into place and you will find yourself attending the first call of your life even when you are not quite settled to hostel life. And if you enter after a few rounds of counselling, you will already know the stories as soon as you step in.


One week into the hostel food and you will grow frustrated with it. And this is when you find you are spending most of your dining time in Jhoops. Located just outside the main gate to the right, it forms an integral part of any student's diet without which starvation would have crept in.

3.Deva Da

Though students prior to 2010 won't quite be able to relate themselves to this latest sensation, but just when the homely Bengali cuisine of the jhoops was becoming somewhat monotonous , this new prospect propped up just opposite the jhoops with variety of chicken delicacies, parathas, noodles and all sorts of fast food stuff . This was just the icing on the cake for foodies though jhoops still remain an integral part.


Though this goes with most of the college students, the intensity in NIT Durgapur is somewhat light years ahead. Biris replaces cigarettes as lyadh prevents the long walks to the shop and innumerable nights are spent without dinner owing to this phenomenon. Days flash by at jet speed doing nothing and you see the calendar rolling faster than ever; and just when you feel like the sem has just begun, you suddenly hear that mid sem starts tomorrow. You wonder how time passed so fast and the undisputed champion answer is Lyadh.


This rules the campus as far as daily necessities are concerned due to its exotic location in between the hostels and without it you would have needed to burn lots of extra calories to fill your lungs thanks to the enormous size of the campus. But for all of us in times of need, Kailash Da came to the rescue.

6.Ideal Dinner

This is probably the only one day when the hostel mess has 100 % attendance. Mutton kasa and chicken biriyani combined with sweets ,ice creams , cold drinks and chocolates mostly make up the menu as the students try to make up for the entire months mess fees that they pay in this single evening .


Just when you are about three months into the college, suddenly sems creep in. That is when the real creative minds light up spending nights typing the syllabus into the smallest possible font to help ourselves. Creativity steps up to such high levels that at times you yourselves will feel India needs your mind to progress. You yourself won't believe you had so many ideas only if you could have put it in the right direction. And with each sem the creativity multiplies, but the baseline remains the same.


Well this place doesn't need an explanation as I am sure you are already smiling reading this .This is the place in the campus where Cupid resides. Located strategically with the CSE and ECE departments on 2 sides and academic block on the third, its close proximity to the ladies hostel makes it all the more special .No matter how low the attendance in classes may be, you will never find this place short on attendance, the only basic difference being provided the attendance is taken at night. Regulars, part timers and hopefuls all varieties can be spotted making it probably the diversity hub of the campus


Your life at NIT Durgapur is incomplete without RECS, the cultural fest of NIT Durgapur. This is the biggest festival throughout the year and the whole campus eagerly waits for those 4 days. You will probably find only a handful of innocents who probably remembers what happened in those 4 days as mostly everyone takes a dip in the holy liquid. Classes officially happen during these 4 days but remember as I said only 'officially'. And as the 4 days pass with lightning speed, preparations immediately begin for next year's RECS. A Bengali band, a singer from Bollywood, and some cover from UK are present every year but it?s the fashion saw which has everyone whistling and it affirms Leo Tolstoy?s line 'The blood of the beast ?.'You have seen it to believe.

10.Whole night terrace parties

You get accustomed to it from second year although it gains more prominence in the final year. In the final year almost each night is spent on the terrace as some job treat is always going on and your bed is relieved of your burden. As always some can't make it back to the room and others who probably could have are left behind helping the ones already down. All brands from the cheapest to the costliest can be found with all possible supplements. And terraces also keep reinventing themselves with the new higher constructions being more in demand. However after spending almost the entire last year partying in the terrace, when suddenly college finishes and in some months you find yourself lying in some bed at night, this is the place you will miss the most. P.S.:The list of things you will come across in NIT Durgapur is endless, so tried to keep the most popular ones although this just forms a small bunch. Will revisit the rest sometime later. And if some of you reading this might be joining the college soon, don?t hesitate ? just push yourself in and you will feel blessed. P.S.S.-I am sure all alumni reading this are smiling and have already remembered a hundred other things by now. Cheers... Life at NITDGP rocks...