10 things you can relate to if you are from XIMB

Posted by
Neelabjo Mukherjee
on September 4, 2016

1.X-Walks to keep you awake and finish lengthy assignments

X-Walk is a tradition in XIMB which basically refers to talking walks within the campus, with your friends, love interest or maybe just a long walk alone to keep things in perspective.


Irrespective of which region of the world you come the first Oriya word you will pick up is Bhaina, which means Bhaiya, and its your go-to word for most interactions in campus.

3.Vadas and Gulgulas

If you are one of those who work till late in the night for assignments and miss your breakfast, the vadas and gulgulas outside XIMB becomes your staple diet.

4.Committees to cater to your specific interest

With a whole host of interest, functional and core committees XIMB gives you the opportunity to channel the journalist, sportsman, singer, dancer and every other role that lies within you.


An initiative of the media and PR cell, IlluminatiX, Dukaan gives you the chance to possess a whole host of cool merchandize with quirky prints,slogans and captions that make you stand out both within and outside campus.


One of the biggest fests in Eastern India, the preparations start from way before and it provides an amazing creative platform to all budding talents within the country.

7.The JLT's

The XIMB way of relaxing and socializing after a hectic week.

8.The Night Mess

It opens exclusively after 11:30 and provides a whole range of options to satiate your late night hunger pangs.

9.4 hours of sleep

With quizzes, assignments, exams and a whole host of non academic activities finding even 4 hours to sleep is often a big thing.

10.Super interesting people

Jamming sessions, heated debates, friendly jibes are all a part of our day to day life at XIMB!