10 things you can totally relate to, if you have completed your ILP in TCS from HYDERABAD

Posted by
Spriha Bakshi
on November 22, 2015

1.Manjeera Diamond Towers

The anxiety of moving in to a completely new city surrounds you. The next thing is that you find yourself standing in front of Manjeera towers even before you realize.


You find people from different colleges,different cities,different streams, all under the same roof. Cool coordinators and helpful Facilitators to guide you through.

3.LG Partners

Unity in Diversity two completely opposite people are paired for presentations and Projects. So basically the two of you are stuck with each other for the entire duration of ILP.


The only method of commutation to the outside world is through a bunch of Auto rickshaws which will charge you quite heftily.

5.Audi Sessions - KYT

The long and 'informative' auditorium sessions.We all knew that these audi sessions are factual and communicative but we just wanted them to get over as soon as possible.Except the ones with the videos, those were quite tolerable because you could nap through them without getting noticed.

6.Introduction of Friday Nights

Its only after we enter ILP we understand the real importance of weekends and how important is Friday Night if you are in an IT industry. Its during the Weekends when you can explore the new places and hang around with new friends.

7.Paaka, Sai(Karan, Chakra)

We were thankful to Sai Kiran, Sai Chakra and Paaka to make us feel home away from home. The Q city food-court was also a delight. You had options to munch over a lot of things.

8.Remedials and fear of Lap

The fear of Lap and Remedials. The ongoing of evaluations kind of made you tired. Before you could relax that the previous one went fine you had the next one coming in a weeks time and you got to prepare for it.

9.Group Outings

You realize that in a very short period of time your friends circle have increased drastically and that even though you are overloaded with your assignments and preparations it all does not matter because you are having a lot of fun to overshadow this.

10.Extended College life

In just a while you fill find yourself getting the batch photos clicked because you have reached the end of this amazing 3 month journey. Undoubtedly, ILP in TCS is like the Honeymoon period of your career.