10 Things you can relate to if you did your ILP from TCS Trivandrum

Posted by
Anurupa Mondal
on January 9, 2016


The city itself is new in every aspect. The lush green surroundings with coconut trees in every house(yes, every single !) amaze you as much as the food there, the culture and simplicity just attracts you with every passing day.

2.Peepul Park and CLC building

The training centers - you have your classes in either of these buildings . The ones in peepul park were a in a bit more advantageous place as road to CLC building included 94 steps..yes you read it right(Little pity)

3.The language

Yes..as interesting as it sounds,the more difficult it is to understand . Malayalam is your go-to language and finally after few days you start feeling you should learn a few words to make your life easier..atleast till you are in Trivandrum. As starters..you learn Cheta, Chechi , Seri and Illa..and trust me even saying these words makes you as proud as learning the language fully.

4.15 mins coffee breaks

The only thing that was provided free- COFFEE !! There will be a coffee machine in every floor of the building and sometimes more than one in each floor. You would keep looking at the watch for the onset of these 15 mins specially after a long tiring session . You feel that nothing in the world is more refreshing than this.


Before you reach the place you keep wondering which hostel you will be alloted to.Peepul park was exclusively for girls and only hostel within the campus . City Homes , Scarlet , Karuna were for the boys and finally Executive Hotels was co-ed( Ahem !!) for the specially privileged *wink* still unknown on which parameter people are chosen to stay here.


When you get bored of the office canteen food , you would like to explore options for your taste buds. Tasty Land, Sharma dhaba , Anandhas, GG Darbar were few places available. And 'BIg Way' is always reserved for your pay-day.

7.Weekend Trips

When you are in Kerala..you just cannot sit in your rooms on weekends.Even if you go for trips every weekend you will never fall short of beautiful and exquisite places to to visit.This place has it all..from beaches to hills to plains and backwaters.Among them few names are Kovalam beach, Ponmudi, Munnar,Aleppy, varkala beach, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Wayanad and the list goes on..

8.Assignments and assessments

After the weekend trips all you are worried about is your unfinished assignments that you have to submit on Monday. And then comes assessments. You just finish one to find yourself in another one. It is like a never-ending web.

9.Remedials and LAPS

Nothing instills more fear into you than these two terms. And you understand the seriousness of it when your fellow trainees get into it.(oops it hurts!)

10.First day and then the last day

When you enter the training the first day,you come with lots of hopes and aspirations and the only thing in your mind is to finish this training as soon as possible. Even before you know it the last day comes and all you want is few days more...and everyone knows the reason why !! :) Yes.. TCS Trivandrum...you are special and whoever did their ILP from here can't deny that !