10 things you can relate to if you are from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT UNIVERSITY)

Posted by
Anshuman Acharya
on September 4, 2016

1.Railway Line

A ruthless railway line separates you from your beloved across the other hostel.


When ANNA and AKKA are you guardians for the next four years


When there is exactly one chain of amusement hubs across the entire city-TASMAC


When you have exactly one venue for to catch all Bollywood movies-RAGHAVENDRA

5.ID Card

When no one recognises you without your ID card

6.Sky Scrapers

When you live in sky scrapers for a hostel

7.Sambhar & Rassam

When your sole investment with guaranteed liquidation is ?Sambhar & Rassam?

8.Boat Ride

When you have a lake and a boat ride waiting for you inside the campus


When you have a kick ass cultural festival-RIVIERA

10.Beautiful Campus

When you know you have the most beautiful campus in India