10 things you can relate to if you are from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

Posted by
Anirban Chattaraj
on February 12, 2016


It's a sobriquet for a lane of broken glasses. Jolites prove that even corrugated pathways may well be transformed into cozy lounges.

2.The Mari fest

Bum bum bhole....A unique fest that you would find in an Indian college. Celebrated on the night of the Shivratri at the 4th yr hostel, this event features the Bob Marleys, the Che Guevaras and not surprisingly, the Rihannas of the campus, creating an atmosphere of dense clouds in the vicinity under chilly, exciting conditions.


The most anticipated event of the campus showcases exciting, nail-biting competitions garnished with annual alumni reunion and pronites.


The students and alumni of JGEC are informally referred to as JOLITES. More interestingly , the college itself is nicknamed JOLU.

5.The campus

165 acres of lush green campus with a scintillating view of the Kachenjunga is simply mesmerizing. On its western boundary, the reticent Karala flows, adding charm to its beauty.


The college radio which broadcasts the various ongoing events in the campus.


Perhaps the college's greatest initiative, it is a free night education centre for children. It is a ray of hope for the underprivileged where the sun comprises the Jolites themselves.

8.Cha bagan

To the northern boundary of the campus is the favourite hangout of the grads, viz.the Danguajhar Tea Garden. The railway line circumscribing it simply makes it an icing on the cake.

9.Watch tower

Located right in front of the L.H. is the famous observatory of the campus. Standing atop, you can have a perfect picturesque of the campus but don't be surprised if you hear uncanny voices while passing by.


The city (Jalpaiguri) has a scientific name. Could you figure it out? It works like this: Jalpaiguri = Jal + Pai + Guri = Water + Pie + Log = H2Oπlog Captivating.. isn't it?