10 Things you can relate to if you are from Institute of Technical Education and Research (I.T.E.R.)

Posted by
Abhipsha Sahoo
on September 4, 2016

1.Identified by Reference

Referred as the "second best private college in Odisha after KIIT" to all non-Odisha people who haven't heard of it ever

2.Mini ITER

It has Xerox copies of your notes, your senior notes and also your super senior notes. It can give you copies of even those assignments that will be given to you in the next classes. Most students pass in exam due to Mini ITER.

3.Always a ditcher in a mass bunk

No matter how much students try to maintain unity during Mass Bunks and brag about it, there is always a ditcher in every section, who is like "main to akele bhi class kar lunga".

4.TCSer by default

People may apply and be rejected by any company, but they know for sure that TCS unka bharosa nai todegi

5.5'O clock traffic jam

No metro-city traffic can match the one hour traffic created in the half kilometre stretch that leads up to the college, especially at 5 PM.

6.Infinite hangout spots

ITER offers a variety of khatti spots, like the basketball court, academic block, admin block, Monginis and the parking lot. It will never disappoint you if you need to hang out

7.Never ending construction and painting always going on

Vacations, no vacations, classes, no classes, some kind of hammering, drilling, painting is always going on

8.Infinite wait to get your print outs and Xerox to be done at every Xerox shop nearby

If you want to take out any lab print outs at the last moment be ready to wait for a minimum 1 hour, as all the Xerox shops will already be busy doing the same for other students, and this happens even after there being many Xerox shops nearby..strength of the college implied by this.

9.Grades cant scare us

Even if you give your worst performance in an exam or deliberately try to fail yourself, you will at least pass with a C grade..thanks to relative marking system

10.Great place to be at

Inspite of everything, I.T.E.R. has a special place in the heart of every student who has studied here or is studying here. It keeps on creating memories and makes you have the best time of your life.