10 things you can relate to if you are from XIMB

Posted by
Raunaq Saahu
on September 4,2016

1.X Marks The Spot

X-Cafe, X-Pressions, X-Walk, X-PJs, X-Ops, X-Pallavan? the letter X is branded into your brain in such a way that this how you react when you see that letter used in a non-XIMB context

2.Classroom Participation

On the rare occasion you have the misfortune of being asked a question in class.


Market yourself, or perish in a spoonful of ghuguni.


The cultural festival of XIMB. Something you totally, genuinely, completely look forward to.

5.1st Year Blues

When you are in the first year and somebody says, "Hey, let's plan a weekend trip to Konark / Puri / Chilika / insert your destination here"


They are usually enlightening, if you are smart enough to listen and absorb what successful people from industry and academia have to say. However, sometimes, during one not-so-enriching speech, you look at the exit gates like


When you try to make up for all those nights you burned the candle at both ends for Batchmeets, Committee Work, Viva, Maxinations, Case Study Meetings, Group Discussions, Valhalla, etc. etc.

8.X-Sharing is X-Caring

The fellow-feeling and solidarity with your batchmates/seniors is genuinely special gives you reason to celebrate together.


Even if something doesn't go well, you know you can get by with a little help from your friends.

10.All's Well That Ends Well

At the end of your two years here, you feel privileged and fortunate you had this experience. You know you wouldn't trade it for anything else.