10 things you can relate to being from IIIT, Bhubaneswar

Posted by
Saswati Sahoo
on September 4, 2016


After appearing for the entrance tests and joining the engineering college, you might plan for some relaxation but rather you end up spending endless sleepless nights giving your intro to seniors.

2.Long class hours

When the classes start that early as 9 a.m., this scenario is sure to be seen in the last benches.

3.Late night birthday parties

The level of secrecy and goof we create while planning and preparing for a birthday party is no less than an ISI meeting.

4.Exam pro

The engineering life has aptly taught us how to complete the entire course just the night before exam.

5.Love is in the air

It's a really good place to start your love life and spend the evenings in the awesome campus weather!!

6.Wi-fi issues

Half of the days some maintenance work has to take place on campus and hence a notice in the intranet 'The internet facility is unavailable due to maintenance work. Inconvenience is regretted.'

7.Mess food

If you're an ardent AAP fan, you can always sit on dharna against the mess committee, but none of your demand will ever be fulfilled and have to bear with the dull taste of food.

8.Autowalla zindabad

Our college being so far away from the main city, the autos are the only mode of tansport and we tend to overload in a single auto available for birthday treats.


It?s the place where we study less and have gossips about numerous college happenings. Every plan for outing begins from that sacred place.


That time of the the year when we have the most fun and is most awaited by each and every student. So many events are arranged, that everyone gets to showcase their talent and those 3 days passes by leaving behind thousands of memories in heart and soul.