10 things you can relate to being from BITS Hyderabad

Posted by
Santoshi Kotni
on September 4, 2016


Something which defines BITS to me is dance club with so many memories attached to it in the span of those four years. It not only let me live my passion i.e. DANCE, but also made me what I am today. It taught me a lot starting from team building skills, event management, time management and multi-tasking, socializing and of course dancing.


I still remember my first day in BITS. I totally fell in love with the beautiful campus spread over a lush-green area of over 200 acres. The campus has a serene ambiance thanks to the small hillocks, urban forests and the Sharmeerpet Lake located nearby. Spacious labs, well-furnished and air-conditioned classrooms, technology-enabled lecture theatres and network infrastructure, all come together to make BITS Pilani, Hyderabad an extremely well equipped campus.

3.Student Activity Centre (SAC)

SAC is the official ADDA of students in BITS. For students activities like dancing, debates, open mics, gathering and workshops, the SAC is always at service. It is one of the most happening places in campus that has been meticulously planned keeping in mind student benefit and comfort.

4.The Cultural Fest 'PEARL'

When it comes to student and co curricular activities BITS certainly comes on top. From inspirational talks to after class student taught courses to open mics and pop cult meeting, you name it you?ll have it. To keep this frenzy ongoing there is Pearl, the cultural fest. It is a big budget start studded fest, which we students organize and present with great care and dedication. There are loads of events to participate and cheer for creating unlimited memories.

5.The entry of the word 'LITE'

By the time we graduate from BITS, the word LITE becomes an eternal part of our everyday life, which makes it all the more special and nostalgic. The meaning of this word LITE is disregard and Take Lite is the most frequent phases used by every Bitsian.

6.Campus Life

Students spend their finest four years or less (if one can manage it) in BITS because of the liberty and exposure granted to them academically and co-curricularly. Campus life at BPHC is exhilarating, invigorating, overwhelming, frustrating and humbling at the same time. Given to the fact that students from all over the country attend BITS, there are clubs of almost every state that you can think of. Other than this, BPHC has clubs of almost everything under the sun.

7.Zero % attendance

The words compulsory attendance is a myth in BPHC. It?s up to the students if they want to attend classes or laze around in their dorm room. But mind you despite this great advantage there are continuous assessments conducted almost regularly in class. This freedom made me responsible, sincere and hardworking. I became responsible in my own time with my own choices, not because the authorities and the world forced me to.

8.Faculty & Academics

BPHC allows the students to choose course combinations of their own choice, no matter how different and disconnected they might appear, like studying computer science and electrical at the same time. More than 150 elective courses are offered to students in each semester from which they can have their pick. The students also get the option to choose amongst the multiple faculty members of BITS.

9.Annual Fashion Parade of BITS 'GLITTERRATI'

BITS Hyderabad prides itself, every year, on hosting one of the most prestigious cultural competitions in India, Gliteratti, the annual fashion showcase. I, along with my team after a lot of hardwork won the show for two consecutive years which will always be cherished.

10.Friends for Life

Last but not the least, BITS has given me a second family in the form of friends. It is the company that makes your journey memorable and I owe a lot to BITS for giving me the bunch of people I can proudly call as my fellow BITSIANS.