10 things you can relate to if you are from Calcutta University

Posted by
Poulomi Sarkar
on April 23, 2017

1.Negligible attendance percentage

On an average, the overall percentage attendance of the class is always low; especially Part 2 onward. Why this happens no one knows. Usually, in Part 1, students are just out from school so they take things like punctuality and regularity as a part of the college decorum (as mentioned in the prospectus). But then, something really suspicious happens (I still can't figure out what happened to me) and students start being irregular for classes!

2.The old and historical college buildings

None of the college campuses in and around College Street are less than 100 years old. The ones in the southern part of Kolkata are approximately 50-60 years old or so. The large classrooms, old desks, arched doorways of British architecture were a pride for you.

3.The professors barely know the students

If you are from CU you could relate with this very well. Leaving out the very few professors, maximum of them would be like 'I have not seen this human being in my lifetime', even though you sit right in the front row during most of his/her classes!

4.Affordable college canteens

The canteens in colleges under Calcutta University are generally very affordable. Quality of food isn't much trustworthy, but once in a while when the time is hard, depending on the college canteen is definitely a good option (Spicy food in cheaper rates).

5.Redo project papers

Whoever studied from Calcutta University and had one or more project papers and claim that they have submitted at least one of them without any redoing, they are lying. In fact, you can well relate with the number of times you had to redo them!

6.Mid terms Exams

Yes, just like school days, Calcutta University has this dangerous thing called midterm examinations. I don?t know about other colleges but in ours, the scores per subjects would go right up in the notice board as per your roll numbers to make you feel embarrassed. Well, this somewhat was students fault, because they hardly take these exams seriously!

7.College Union

All Calcutta University students are aware of them more than they are aware of their syllabus! The union miraculously brings you out of every confusing situation you face during your college years! The unions generally comprises of seniors (few juniors too) who come to college regularly. Thereby, they have all the news about exams, seminars, important notices and so on!

8.Consistently low percentage of marks

It is generally very difficult to get admission in courses with honours in Calcutta University if you don?t score a minimum of 75% in your 12th examinations. So if you are studying with honours, you are an average or above average student for sure! But what happens to your scores in graduation? You have friends studying in other universities getting similar percentages like their 10th and 12th percentages, but you seem to fall out of that group now! You have to keep on explaining your parents why you scored less, and how difficult it is in Calcutta University! Your try to make things better in the next year, but how big of a difference could you make?

9.College Fest

College fests are grand celebrations generally once in a year with at least 2-3 celebrities invited. It is probably one of the most awaited times for you if you are not happy about anything that is going on with you.

10.When you go to College Street to buy new books, only when the results are declared

After appearing for the yearly examinations, the classes as per the next year syllabus starts. You don't buy the books for the new class unless the results are declared, perhaps any mishaps occur. Even though you know you will qualify, still there is a trauma of the bad happening! So to be on the safer side, you don?t buy books unless the results are out. When the results are declared and you did well (read: qualified), you gather with your friends to college street to buy new books. It?s like treating yourself for qualifying for the next level! Buying books also include going to coffee house and paramount!