10 things that will surely remind you your life at XIMB

Posted by
Prasad Khole
on September 4, 2016

1.Sonu's Cave

Stressed after a day full of sleep-inducing lectures? Due to mid-terms/end-terms? Need some relaxation? Need some 'space' to boost your 'spirits'? Here we have Sonu's cave (or heaven?!) 4 km from the college campus.

2.Roadside tea/sutta

Any roadside tapri you stop by, in future from now on, is sure to remind you 'The World Famous Jeetu's Tapri'. What is it in the world that you can?t get from here, a 10*10 shop? Be it cutlery, food, tea, sutta, cold-drinks, health products, the young buddy always gets it for you!


This word is sure to give the XIMBians a hell lot of memories of a thing they were initially frightened of, and later enjoyed a lot. Well for others, it?s an unofficial ?getting to know each other' process between juniors and seniors, and for XIMBians, well, shhhhh!!!! This is something which must not be discussed in public!


That one thing, you desperately waited for to happen! Well, for non-XIMBians, try to figure out the full form!


Your Economics class would not have been complete without this sentence. This has become a legend-like sentence for the batches that have graduated from XIMB.


You are sure to miss the extravagant annual event. If you are a core committee member, you'll feel like missing your body part. So is the attachement of XIMBians to Xpressions!

7.BMC Bhawani Mall

The only multiplex in Bhubaneswar, INOX, has seen a lot of 'Friends' outings from XIMB every weekend. Although, a lot of movies (especially the Hollywood ones!) aren?t released in Bhubaneswar, this doesn't stop XIMBians from going to INOX every weekend.

8.Two and a Bud

This little shop besides the Basketball court has been a savior for all who missed their meals. It also serves a greater purpose when the 'Bhaina' also offers to dry-clean your clothes for you!


You know how much this thing means to you, don?t you? /* Feels :'( */

10.Night Mess

Starting from hot Bourn Vita to cold Coffee, from Paneer Roll to Chicken Tikka, Mess Bhaina?s make sure that your taste buds are satisfied very well, when you feel hungry in ungodly hours.