10 things students from Bethune College, Calcutta can totally relate to

Posted by
Shardula Biswas
on April 24, 2017

1.First Women's College in Asia

Being the part of the first women's college in Asia is indeed a matter of pride for all Bethunites.

2.Our very own Hangouts

Because nothing is better than nice shady stairs in front of the principal's office to hangout. Oh ! and free Wi-Fi !!

3.The gallery classrooms

The ancient arch gallery classrooms did give you creeps but also a truckload of memories to cherish.


The gala time of the year for all Bethunites. And for the Union members, oh they just oozed coolness!!

5.Nakur er mishti

At least once during their college days, Bethunites have drooled over The Chocolate sandesh, Jolbhora and Malai Roll (little drops of heaven)

6.Auddy Xerox

'Kaku joldi du copy' 'Aunty joldi library bondho hoe jabe' cause this was the sole xerox place nearby.

7.These stairs

ANCIENT NEVER-ENDING FLIGHT OF WOODEN STAIRS (especially stairs to the Webel classroom)

8.College Canteen

Cheers to the fun, food, endless chirpy addas, memories made and a cup of nice hot Cha.

9.The Library

Keeping silence in the library was never our thing, creating troubles to the librarian was.

10.Centenary Hall

Orientation. First day of college. Bethunite. Memories. Here it all began.