10 Things People Can Relate To Me If You Are From XIMB

Posted by
Nikita Verma
on September 4, 2016

1.The Joy Of Carryin A Brand Name

XIMB, one of India's most reputed B-school comes with a brand name. The pride of being associated with an awesome management institute such as this is shared by every XIMBian.

2.The Mindblowing VIVA

Viva is a long standing tradition of XIMB which functions as an ice breaking session between seniors and juniors masqueraded as ragging. It goes on for a week and culminates into an inter block competition and finally into an awesome party where the badass seniors transform into BBFSs, bonding with juniors over food, music and some other stuff that requires no mention. The week long torture followed by a throat shattering competition and the utter relief at dicovering that it was actually an act, literally blows off every XIMBian's mind.

3.Untimely Batch-Meets

From ice breaking to disseminating discipline to committee launches to grievance handlings, XIMB batch meets are infamous for being untimely in at least one of the old or new campus. With pajamas and drooping eyes, as juniors roll into the venue, they get a reality check of being in a B school. Punctuality, smart casuals and sleeplessness becomes a must to survive the wrath of the Student Executive Council.

4.The fear Of SEC

Ximb is famous for its khatarnak SEC for whom discipline is the top priority. With his persona the general secretary instills a guilty conscience in each one for any wrong doing they would have committed in college. The one?s caught pray for their life and the one?s not, embark on the road to salvation. However on a serious note, the efficiency with which they work and the consideration shown in handling student issues makes each XIMBian respect them in their hearts.

5.The Plight Of Monotonous Mess Food

Like any other college, XIMB is not behind in providing the most boring food, repetitive menus, indistinguishable vegetables and a quarterly promise to improve it as cherry on the top. The disappointment on experiencing this misery, the urge to run back home and the ultimate resignation to this fate is a common story of each XIMBian. But on second thoughts, it is healthier than junk food and this gives us the courage to carry on with it.

6.Respite Of X-CAFE

Not only giving a competition but overbouling the mess, is X-caf´┐Ż. Nestled in a corner, this haven gives a relief to every starved XIMBian , offering a variety of food options. It not only satiates the taste buds but provides a hanout for facchas to bond, and college couples to spend some lovely moments. It also caters to the basic needs with things of daily use. The latter is a life saver for students of the jungle campus. (For those of you who do not know, new campus is situated in the middle of a jungle).

7.The Sleepy Conclaves

Conclaves, the most essential event of XIMB are a road to recruitments, with eminent dignitaries from the corporate world sharing their insights. However to sit focused in a conclave for a pretty 5-6 hours is no cake walk. Struggling faces and drooping eyes can be seen all around. Moreover the fear of being clicked by the photographers and shown the projector at the end of the conclave is shared by every XIMBian.

8.Why Do We Party In XIMB? 'JUST LIKE THAT!!'

A party that is an indispensible part of the XIMB culture is JLT(Just Like That). Awesome music and free alcohol are its main highlights. Whether assignments or projects or a quiz, no matter what deadline one needs to meet, on a JLT night, XIMBians put everything aside and transform into a party animal. They may miss a batchmeet but JLT reports full attendance, for missing a batchmeet just incurs a fine. But if you miss JLT , you miss a night long ecstasy!

9.The Awesome 'EXPRESSIONS'

Expressions the biggest annual fest of XIMB, is a place to be. With a flavor of several things going around, it?s a dish that every XIMBian has the privilege of savouring.

10.The Father Factor

Every unofficial attempt to have fun in XIMB has hidden factor, known as the 'Father Factor'. And every student in XIMB understands the risks involved in bypassing that factor. The fear of Father who looks after the enforcement of discipline in XIMB and mitigation measures involved in avoiding his wrath is a common experience of every XIMB.


Despite the not so good food, scary SEC, fearsome father and drowsy conclaves, the experience of studying in XIMB is one of a kind and those 2 years we miss for the rest of our lives. However the pride of being an alumni of XIMB is an significant takeaway that each XIMBian is honored to.