10 Things People Can Relate To If You Are From XIMB

Posted by
Tanuj Mehta
on September 4, 2016

1.Jhabier and Bhaina

You realise that you have to practice your Oriya skills to survive at XIMB, especially if you are a non-Oriya. You are not going to reach your college if you say Xavier. After all, what?s in a name?

2.The morning lectures

Can't keep the eyes open

3.X-Cafe and Mess Bills!!

Everyone is broke when the bill comes from the mess and XCafe at the end of the month

4.No Time for Leisure

Only work, work and work

5.No free weekends

Business conclaves, leadership talks and all the activities are scheduled for weekends

6.Where to study from

The books or through presentation? We have no clue!

7.Question Paper

And this is what happens when you see the question paper. It makes no sense!

8.Relative Grading System

When your marks are finally announced and your friends start talking about it. You know you are in trouble, as there is a relative grading system.


But marks don't matter because we have a society for EVERYTHING- core, functional, interest and everything under the sun


When the time finally comes to Relax and Party: JLT, SAXIM, EXPRESSIONS- Need I say more!