10 things people can relate to if you are from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati

Posted by
Poulami Bhattacharjee
on September 4, 2016

Amidst the call of the wild lies one of the first and most prestigious technical institutes of the country- Assam Engineering College.

The college takes pride in being a flagship institute of the North- Eastern region. The college has set a benchmark for the other colleges in the region. In these years, the college has fetched a big name as one of the most sought after colleges.

Although a core technocrat at his/her heart, every AECIAN is a 'Khati Axomiya' and deeply rooted to his Alma Mater. Here are 10 of the many things that every present, past and future AECIAN will have a 'senti' (emotional attachment) for:

1.Clock tower and Auditorium

The most significant feature, the Clock tower of A.E.C., stands proud and tall, on its grounds, since time immemorial. The Auditorium, on the other hand, stands witness from an Aecians' nervous 1st day of orientation to the Aecians last day of farewell.

2.A.E.C. canteen

Although the canteen has been renovated lately, yet the spirit of friendship, 'dosti', 'kheps' (demands) over a cup of coffee or singra (samosa), still nurtures during both regular and self-proclaimed breaks!

3.NAT buildings

The NAT (New Assam Type) buildings are the first training grounds for the new entrants in the A.E.C. family where they spend one year together and learn the A.E.C. lingos and more. It basically boulds the first years creating memories.

4.The A.E.C. market

This place is the unbelievable stock for every requirement of every AECIAN. From notes at Himangshu daa's xerox centre (this man is busier than the President with a wad of cash sticking out of his pocket) to the no disappointment grocery store of Mun da. Be it a gift for your friend or report for the professor, the AEC market gives you all.

5.The ?Pukhuri? (Pond)

Nature has been bountiful towards AEC and one example of this is the pond in the heart of AEC. With trees surrounding the pond, bent branches and leaves lightly touching the waters, this is a respite for young lovers and people in search of solitude and peace.

6.Deepor Beel

The famous abode for migratory birds offers a spectacular view for sunset and proves to be a photographer?s paradise.


Well no need to explain the amount of ?senti? (emotional attachment) that every AECian has for his hostel. In fact, nothing less than patriotism rises in their veins as they reminisce the memories of the hostel days- the hierarchy, the bondings, the games of football or cricket, the preparations for college week and especially parade.

8.'Gosor Tol'

Although a scary-looking Banyan canopy dominates the place, every AECian knows where to be when said to go to the ?Gosortol?- an official adda point, with vendors selling ice creams, sugarcane juice, fresh fruits, lemon juice etc. This place is the most active site in the entire premises with the Banyan overhead, embracing years of stories to tell.

9.Pyrokinesis & Udhbhavanam

Assam engineering college believes both in proficiency and competence. The college got many organizations and societies which help in the multi- faceted development of the student. The college organizes the annual college fest, ' Pyrokinesis' which is a very popular one in the city. And also organizes the annual technical fest, Udbhavanam.

10.College Anthem

AEC has their own college anthem. AEC has theirown college anthem. You can listen to the anthem at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c74xFCONen8

"Xoto obhizontar xadhona tholeet

Xobe mili gaon aaha aaxabhora geet,

Gaane gaane protikhyone bisaru aaha

Notun xopun aru xunalee oteet"

Meaning: Under the legacy of Aec, lets all unite and sing for he wellbeing and bright future of our students crossing the barriers of language, race and difference of thoughts with our hardwork and dedication.

Photographs by Jishuraaj Nath