10 things people can relate to if they belong to Gargi College

Posted by
Kanika Dhall
on September 4, 2016


The latest hangout place right in front of Gargi College...A place where gargi girls have more memories.

2.ID dikhao.....

The security check of Gargi College. Every morning before entering the college you have to show your ID Card. This ensures no trespassing as well as high security (you know girl's college right?).

3.Photocopy Aunty

Despite her tantrums and everything which are very annoying, you know she will do your work and probably help you pass the semester.Yeh jo aakhri ummeed ap humein de jati hain aunty, we love you for it. Dil se!

4.Mithaas is a blessing in disguise

Mithaas or Mithapur is our all time favourite bae. Gargi does not have a lot of eating joints next to it. But thank God for Mithaas! It's quite pocket friendly and they have food variety as well. Canteens can get boring at times!

5.Library for good WiFi speed

Our library, besides having a lot of books also has a stable wifi speed and this is what attracts most of the people. You will spot half of the people in library having a peaceful time with their mobile phones. Kyuki library me books padhna is so mainstream na?


No, this is not the name of a newspaper but a name of sandwich which like its name suggest is the bestseller of our canteen. It's really popular and yummy.Yahan roz tehalka machaya jata hai!


Most popular place to hangout for short breaks.... and of course to grab some thirst quenchers in between the classes.


Most painful task to find parking outside the college.....and if you get it near the college gate or infront of mithas then trust me ...it's the best day of your life.

9.Exam Time

In exam you find gargi completely silent and extremely studious..... :P


It is the relax hub and creative house of Gargi college, the entire creative team is there.