10 things only people from BE College,Shibpur can understand

Posted by
Suman Datta
on September 17, 2015

1.The word 'Cazzzzzz....'

If you are a BEing then you need no introduction to this word. This buzzword is being passed down for generations. Students fail to understand when this word becomes unconditional response to almost anything and everything NOTE: If you see a person frequently saying 'Cazzz ne' or 'Cazz kata' then he/she is from BESU

2.The Cultural Fest 'REBECA'

This is the most awaited event of the year. REBECA brings an atmosphere of joy and pomp in the more or less peaceful campus!!

3.The Loops(not the for-s and the while-s) of BESU

BEings are acquainted with the term loop. The loops of BESU extend from mere rooms to rooftops to fields or to even greater places as and when discovered.

4.The Famous 'Bidisha Jhil'

Beings know this place and also know why to avoid at night. The history of this place is so famous that a course may be introduced in first semester named BDJHL101. It has reached status of Lord Voldemort, 'whose name shall not be taken'.

5.The Clock Tower

This is the Famous Clock Tower that appears in the college logo. Photographers or people with DSLRs,SLRs or even mobile taking pictures of the college will definitely take the picture of the clock tower and that too from various parts of the campus.

6.Sahebpara and Muchipara

The two residential parts of the college are categorized into these two PARAs(Area).The names are historic and probably bear historic significance.


The first year students generally undergo this symptom. The symptom is the fear to pay a visit to a senior in his/her respective hall. Trouble starts when a conversation with a senior does not go well and ends by the senior's word 'AAJ RATRE AMAR HALL e ASIS TOH EKTU'. The first stages of symptom shows up that night and recurs thereafter.

8.HALF-DIM(Half Egg)

It is a hypothesis that a particular hall is so miser that they are served Half-Eggs in meals. Many people take out many meaning of the term HALF-DIM. NOTE:Some sources have confirmed the hypothesis.

9.The Bending

It?s a structure where one can find groups of students giving adda. It has gained its tremendous fame due to its prime location. Though people say many things, the one and only reason to sit there is to prove one's authority. People sitting there with friends momentarily have a feeling like sitting in the white house.

10.Lords and Oval

For others it may sound as the famous grounds in England but for BEings it is their home ground. Not joking, these are the two famous play grounds in the college. The lush green grounds are noticed by everyone on their first visit to the campus