10 things a Bengali would say during Durga Puja

Posted by
BB Staff Writer
on October 4, 2015

1.Kota Thakur Dekhli ?

There can be nothing better than going pandal hopping the whole night long. Durga Puja showcases the talent and creativity of the Bengalis at its heights.

2.Sala kotodin por dekha

Re-unite with old friends: Since everyone is going to be in town, it is a given that there will be unlimited nights of reunion. You can meet friends you haven?t seen in ages.

3.Khichudi ta aladai

Not to mention,the delicious bhog: No Bengali can think of Puja without also thinking of the delicious bhog. It is so delicious that you can stand among the crowds at the pandal and even stand for a long time just to get a taste

4.Aaj k South, kal k North

Everyone has a holiday whether they are studying or working. So, you can have unlimited 'adda' sessions and catch up with everyone

5.Saree te ki lagche bhai oke !!

Every Bong girl dresses up so beautifully: If you want to see Bengali women decked to their toes, Durga Puja is the right time. All girls from age nine to ninety dress in their fineries and go out

6.Dhaker tale komor dole

Dance to the beats of Dhak: There is something very mesmerizing about the beats played out by the 'dhak'. You cannot help but get your feet tapping to the sound and the atmosphere acts as a happy reminder that the festive season is finally upon us.

7.Aaj dinner baire

Rarely does one cook food at home. Because after a marathon day of shopping, hopping, singing, dancing & Puja, the best way to end the day is to fine dine with everyone as a group.

8.Mukh khali keno, sindoor makhao oke

Sindoor khela: For women, especially those who are married, Sindoor Khela on the last day of the Pujas is something to look forward to. This beautiful event is auspicious as well as fun.

9.Asche bochor abar hobe

Immersion: With heavy hearts people throng Durga puja pandals to offer their tributes to the goddess on the last day of the five-day festivity. With almost tearful eyes you hear people saying 'Asche bocchor abar hobe',such is the emotion!

10.Pujo tei sesh noy!Picture abhi baki hai mere dost:Diwali,Christmas asche

It?s not a single day affair. It?s the start of the whole festive season. After Durga Puja there?s Diwali, Christmas and New Year all lined up. And if you stay away from home, it?s time to go back!