10 Things You Should Follow To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Posted by
BB Staff Writer
on November 29, 2015

1.Avoid talking excessively over the phone

Many couples think that talking over the phone for hours keeps you interested in each other ,but soon you will get tired. Its all about teasing at the right time and at the right moment.

2.Stop Expecting a little more

Stop expecting a little more from your love bird. It hurts when the expectations are not met. It's good to expect less and be more surprised.

3.Surprise Visit

Make it a point to pay surprise visits to your buddy on special days like birthday or in weekend. It will make your honey to feel special. It's way more exciting fun to have a group of friends witness their reaction.

4.Send Playful pictures

If possible send some playful pictures to your lover but make some prior commitment that photos should be deleted after viewing and send when they are not with friends. The more playful the picture the more will your partner demand increase


Without 'TRUST' none of these ideas are going to help keep your relationship. Trust is the first and foremost thing to give your relation the right direction.

6.Dirty Talks

It?s like the icing on the cake. Indulging some dirty talks will glue you together. You can feel the happiness from the other side . May be ,if you are lucky , you can even get that kiss.

7.WhatsApp Last Seen

Discussing about each other?s last seen on WhatsApp, OH CUMMON!!You need sometime for yourself too, and there is nothing wrong in doing that! Right ?

8.Sending Small Gifts

Sending small gifts like pendant, earrings, key-chain, cloths. It means a world to them. It will keep your relation alive.

9.Give Pet Names

Give each other a pet name simply because it's cute.

10.Counting down the days to meet

Start counting the days when you will meet each other again. It will make you more excited for next meeting. So when you are in long distance relationship, ensure your partner that you care for her/him because at the end of the day all that your partner needs your support and love.